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The 2020 Starbucks Planner

As promised in my previous planner post , I will now share what I use at work. For business tasks, I use the Starbucks Planner. I leave it in the office and doodle on it my daily tasks. Having two planners helps me focus on things... to only do them one at a time. And well, if left undone, schedule them for some other time, right? Hahaha ~ It's now February and I've used up the January pages of this beautiful planner. And so, without further ado, please welcome... The 2020 Starbucks Planner in Frost Grey: The 2020 Starbucks Planner in Frost Grey The whole set comes with a 2020 planner, a case, a bookmark, and a set of stickers.  The color is perfect for business related stuff.  One thing that stands out is the fabulous texture! Tough, leathery, embossed and debossed at the image. For this version, the siren's tail is featured, but the highlight of it all is the cup of coffee.  The velvet case is something to drool at, too.  See the Siren's tail debossed a