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Godiva Chocolate in KR

Lotte Tower was one of the destinations that we visited during our trip to Korea. It got me into another chocolate adventure as I spotted a Godiva cafe along the way to the Seoul Sky. It was such a luxurious show of chocolate! It instantly got my attention.  The last Godiva cafe I visited was in Singapore . The soft serve was very delicious and I have been craving for it. And that was enough for me to make a stop and try another in Korea. The displays of chocolate were so beautiful and they all looked delicious, as I’m sure they are! Rows and rows of chocolate! ... and moarrrr chocolate! :D Wanted to try this.. but time ah! Boxes and boxes full!  I wanted to stop by and take a  breather for a while in the cafe. You know, try their coffee, too. But we were rushing, on our way to the Han River. So, I decided to have another scoop of the famous dark chocolate soft serve. Range of drinks and other cafe snacks Gotta have the new flavor! Yum! See, they