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[Book Review] Bloodwitch by Susan Dennard ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Heya dear readers! It’s been so long since I updated my blog. And even longer since my last book review. Hehehe~ But yeah... I’m back to share with you my thoughts about my latest read, Bloodwitch by author Susan Dennard . I also posted a short version of this review on Goodreads and Facebook . 😃 I started reading The Witchlands series last year. Truthwitch was good, but it was only an okay read for me. It actually took me a year to pick up its sequel, Windwitch. And then poof! It just kept getting better and better. After that, I rushed through Sightwitch so I can read Bloodwitch ASAP. It helps a lot that Aeduan is my favorite character. 🤪 View this post on Instagram Time for my most awaited Bloodwitch! It’s all about my book boyfriend, Aeduan, so I’m kilig all the way! 😍🗡📚. ⚔️ QOTD: Do you like reading Fantasy? ⚔️ My book genre is Fantasy. From dragons to robots... the fantasy world stirs up all possibilities and coul