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My The King's Avatar Fanfic in Webnovel

The King’s Avatar is one of those stories that have left a mark in my heart. It’s a masterpiece full of adventure, wisdom, and thrill! I knew of this because of Netflix. It appeared on the suggestions list and poof! Then, I was addicted to the series. Hahaha !  After that, I went to explore the story further and it has led me to Webnovel. Now, I'm reading it... View this post on Instagram Currently reading and will be reading for a looooong time. This Webnovel here is all about the video game Glory and how it brought people together. I like it! All the MMO terms, man! I’d already be logging in if Glory was a real game! Ten chapters down, 1,697 and more to go. 😳👩🏻‍💻🎮 #thekingsavatar #butterflyblue #webnovel #glory #ebook #yexiu #lordgrim #teamhappy #bookaholic #bookstagram #bookstagramersph #bgphfamily #book #booklove #booklover #bookish #bookworm #booknerd #booknerdigans A post shared by Angel Mariel (@myan

Getting Lost in Everland

It feels like a good time to be a kid again! During our trip to Korea last May, we went to one of the newest tourist spots. A land of enchantment and dreams… Everland! We took the bus to get there. It’s quite far from the urban city, around an hour ride’s worth. Upon arriving, the first thing I noticed are the tall spires of the entrance palaces. You can also see the famous T-Express in the background. Are you adventurous enough to go ride it? Welcome to Everland! A magnificent adventure awaits! :D Spires! Those spires! Me and my excited self! :D We arrived at Everland quite early. Apparently, it opens at around 11 AM. Most of the attractions were still closed except for the Panda World in Zootopia. So we visited it first before lunch. The pandas were so cute! Even in captivity, I could see that they were in a good hospitable environment. They looked healthy and happy. And it’s my first time to see a real panda! Especially a red one! :D Cute Panda! :) A

[Game Review] Ride-or-die: A Bad Boy Romance (Choices) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hey dearies! I’m back after weeks of hiding in the cave! Inspiration hit me quite fast this weekend. So I’m writing something down before my inspiration disappears.  Thanks to another Choices book, I have written again after a while. Kudos to the Pixelberry Team! And thank you for making these wonderful stories. Choices is one of those games I have stayed on. The fresh content always make me come back.  So this book in Choices that captured my heart is about race cars and crime and romance, aptly titled Ride-or-die: A Bad Boy Romance . That's one sexy cover! And as the saying goes “Never judge a book by its cover.” Don’t get me wrong. It’s a beautiful cover. It captures the essence of the title itself. However, it gave me a perception that it’s going to be focused on the romantic aspect only.  I’m not really into the romance genre. But! I love cars, especially badass ones! And this book has a lot of it. Sexy and fast cars!  ....but this cover is sexy, too!

Godiva Chocolate in KR

Lotte Tower was one of the destinations that we visited during our trip to Korea. It got me into another chocolate adventure as I spotted a Godiva cafe along the way to the Seoul Sky. It was such a luxurious show of chocolate! It instantly got my attention.  The last Godiva cafe I visited was in Singapore . The soft serve was very delicious and I have been craving for it. And that was enough for me to make a stop and try another in Korea. The displays of chocolate were so beautiful and they all looked delicious, as I’m sure they are! Rows and rows of chocolate! ... and moarrrr chocolate! :D Wanted to try this.. but time ah! Boxes and boxes full!  I wanted to stop by and take a  breather for a while in the cafe. You know, try their coffee, too. But we were rushing, on our way to the Han River. So, I decided to have another scoop of the famous dark chocolate soft serve. Range of drinks and other cafe snacks Gotta have the new flavor! Yum! See, they