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Getting Inspired: A Day at the BDJ Women's Summit: Women Redefined

When I heard that BDJ is going to have a women's summit, I got excited and wondered if I should go. My life has become a hectic cycle of eat-sleep-work that hobby time has become rare for me. But I thought better and decided that life is about living, too. And what better way to rejuvenate that going to an event and meet like minded people. The BDJ Women's Summit was so much fun! I got there late and missed the first two talks. But don't worry,  I still enjoyed the rest of the day. Themed as "Women Redefined", it tackled on being a successful woman in various fields. Yes, even male dominated careers. The summit kit for Women Redefined The speakers were awesome! The encouragement they gave us touched our souls... Right here in BDJ Women’s Summit, getting inspired by @abbyasistio “Courage would not exist without fear, without doubt.” 😍👍🏻 ⭐️ #bdjwomenssummit #womenredefined #bellainspired #abbyasistiomusic #inspiration @bdjbuzz #bdjwomenssummit