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#LangLeavinPH (and How to Survive a Book Signing Event)

Ah! What a weekend that was! Did you enjoy it as much as I did? Hmmm, maybe I half enjoyed it. For one, international bestselling author Lang Leav went here in PH! Everyone of us got excited when we heard the news, right? And I have never been to a book signing event before. So, I marked it on my calendar, bought a book, and waited for almost a month for June 25 to come... But alas! Even if I arrived in Glorietta five minutes before 10 AM, the security announced that all the slots have been taken. Yep, a thousand slots gone in a flash! (T_T) Okay, so it was my first time, and as the old saying goes, "Charge to experience". Yep, I guess I was comforting myself. Feeling bad, I just indulged myself in ice cream... Definitely one of the Sad Girls right now... (T_T) I arrived early to secure a slot but... Waaaaaaa! I'll be seeing you from a distance @langleav :( :( :( #sadgirls #book #books #bookstagram #langleav #icecream A post shared by Angel Mariel (@myange

For The Love of Coffee

I always make time for coffee. When the opportunity to know more came through the Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival, I cleared my schedule and headed right away to Glorietta.  Cups of coffee, anyone? The Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival happened on June 11, 2017 All the participants were given a coffee passport as a ticket to explore the various booths that were all about coffee. Ready to explore the world of coffee! Along the way, I met people who are fans of Starbucks, too. Especially Viemer, who instantly became my friend, all thanks to coffee! We took pictures of the event. Photos that are not watermarked were shot by her. Yay!  First stop was coffee exploration per region where coffee grows. We compar ed the various flavors and strength of coffee sourced from Africa, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. Learning how elevation affects coffee here at the Starbucks Coffee Appreciation Festival. Wheee~~ #SbuxPHCoffeeFestival #starbucks #St

Cuteness Overload at Cat Cafe Manila

Pet cafes originated in Japan. This was due to the fact that city apartments did not allow residents to keep pets. So,  dog and cat cafes where born where people could go to relieve stress. Pets are such a source of good vibes. Yep!  It is true for me, as well. Life gives me so much of stress that it drives me insane! Thankfully, we have our cute little dog, Hershey. In addition to that happiness, pet cafes have made it to the Philippines. Whee~ This year we visited the cats in Cat Cafe Manila. My sister suggested the place. So one Monday morning, we set out on a trip to Maginhawa street. The tricycle drivers were very helpful. They know the place, just give them the building or house number. We were the first customers of the day and had the place all to ourselves. Yay! We were so excited, we played with the cats even before placing our orders. Cute cats in the cafe More cuties! The entrance fee was PhP200, of which PhP100 goes to food. The menu features a lot