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The Undead

The Undead My arms, restless; My feet, careless; Consciousness, undead. My mind, unleashed; But my body, leashed; Out of Control. Oh set me free, by a shot of bullet, or a slash of sword. Let it be over with,  this hell accord.

Happy Days

Happy  Days My happy days are numbered So let me savor life, Of time and bliss stolen... And few minutes of smiles. For time is precious And they're stealing my time For they're born of  injustice, And  twisted  pride. So let me breathe... These last few breaths... Of living with life. For tomorrow I will only be living But without life.

Pyromusical: Fiery Blooms in the Sky

Have you seen the pyromusical competition in SM Mall of Asia this year? It is an annual competition and I have always wanted to go see it. And it came true for me two weeks ago. Me and my friends decided to see the spectacle last February 25. On that day, two companies from China gave awesome performances of their fireworks. Me,  enjoying  the scenic view! :) There are lots of ticket options available. We bought ours in the kiosks located all over the mall. The Silver ticket (PhP 100), being the farthest, would give you the whole view of the sky. The Gold (PhP 300), being somewhat nearer, would give you a bigger view of the bay and the fireworks. If you want the front seat, you can opt for VIP with dinner (PhP1,500). My group bought the Gold tickets! Wheee~ My golden ticket There are lots of food booths and merchants in there so you don't have to worry about getting hungry during the show. I would advise you to bring mats though, as there are no seats provided. :(

I Feel... Wicked

It's been like... more than ten years since I watched the theater. I missed it a lot. I try my best to stay in touch in the world of arts. Even if it's the opposite of what I truly do. The arts are so inspirational in all forms. The theater is undoubtedly one of the best. Wicked and upcoming theater shows in Manila So when I heard that Wicked the musical is going to be shown here in Manila, I got excited. It's definitely my kind of genre, fantasy. I booked a ticket with excitement. It's been a long time, I said. My golden ticket for Wicked The Theater at Solaire became all green in theme of Wicked. I already felt the vibe at the entrance to the Theater  Green lights illuminated  the lounge Oh! A map of Emerald City where you can pose for a photo! Souvenir booths and a shop were all selling Wicked themed t-shirts, keychain, pens, and… food! :) The souvenir shop :) Yummy! Wicked sweet treats!  This is genius! A jeep...