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BDJ Fair 2016: Rise Above The Waves

It's the BDJ Fair, again! Yay! It's one of my favorite events every year. I was kind of torn because there was also another anime event happening on the same day of October 16. However, I chose to be in the BDJ Fair because the new planners and inspiring talks always get me hyped up and very excited!  Themed as "Rise Above The Waves", I find it really apt for me b ecause I consi der myself to be in my rock bottom years. Time to rise above it all this coming 2017, right? I'm sure a lot of Bellas can relate, too.   Let's rise above the waves, dearies! SM Mall of Asia Music Hall was filled with booths and packed with people. The first booth that I checked out was, of course, the p lanner selling area. Lots of goodies were on display and I couldn't decide which one to get. The planners on sale at the Fair! The Navi planner is for my explorer side and Everything is Possible Planner is for my o wn self -motiv ation. Both are in sync with m