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Oh My Gulay!

Veggies! So who among us get excited when we hear about veggies ? Ugh ~ Not me, honestly. I thought veggie dishes are bland and not delicious. But you know, our Baguio sojourn changed me in a lot of ways... an d that includes converting me into a vegetable advocate.  One of the travel blogs recommended Oh My Gulay as a place to eat . My family and I went out to look for it in Session Road. It turns out that it is not easily seen. Luckily, we asked one of the locals and she knew where it is. Yay! Oh My Gulay is located at the Penthouse of La Azotea Bldg along the stretch of Session Road.  At the entrance , unique wooden sculptures greet the guests by the door.  At the Oh My Gulay entrance Going up the stairs are more sculptures and creative graffiti. And inside the restaurant is like a different world! Plants and paintings.. and water... and bridges. This place is like art museum, too! A garden in the Penthouse Paintings on display I can't believe we'r