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The Relics of St. Anthony

St. Anthony of Padua is one of the saints that I always ask for help. I knew him from a friend who told us to buy a little book with a prayer to him. She told us that she is a forgetful type of person and she prays to St. Anthony of lost things for help. True enough, the things she looks for just shows up.  That is how I used to address the saint... St. Anthony of lost things. I can attest that he is effective. Lost things, even money, return. So, because I was very indebted to him, I wanted to know who he was.  One time, I was listening to one of the family conversations about the saint who was very passionate on preaching the Word of God. He preached here and there, whether there are people or none at all. And if the people won't listen, he would turn to the animals and they would miraculously look up, as if listen to him. When he died, his body decomposed except for one part: his tongue. He was St. Anthony of Padua. I did my research and found out that he was the one I wa