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The Magic Lives...

Enchanted Kingdom ! Wheee~ It's been so long since I visited this happy place! I think I was in High School when I first came here and conquered the Swan Lake and Jungle Log Jam. Hahaha ~ I came here last week with my colleagues at work! What I love about my job is bonding time with people. Movies, parties, and now... a visit to a theme park!  (^_^) Welcome to EK! Of course, we all have that friend who likes to take it to the extreme! EK has four extreme rides, uhm, I hoped I could survive the day. Hahaha! But anyway, as a warm up, we first rode bumper cars. It was good old fun! Me and the team in bumper cars. Photo by my colleague, Geniel Beside the bumper cars is the EKstreme Tower. Yep, you guessed it! Extreme rides here we go! Hey, I got a really nice photo before the take off... Getting ready for take off... But ugh... I looked quite the opposite after the ride. Why? Well, just see for yourself... Woah~ That was extreme, isn't it? Oh no~ Nothing

The Mass of the Saints

The saints. Th is is a topic that has always mesmerized me. It's so amazin g ho w these people can love God so much that they're willing to abandon everything - all w orldly riches- just for Hi m, just like true love.   Having l earned from a Catholic school, I kn ow a lot of saints. O ne common thing about them i s their love for the Holy Mass. The saints never forg e t to re iterate to their subor dinates to always attend the Eucharist and visit Jes us in the Blessed Sacrament. St. Mar y Mazzarello, St. John Bosco, St. Dominic Savio, Blessed Laura Vicuna, St. Francis de Sal es, St. Francis of Assisi , and all the saints... they spen t most of their time in contemplative prayer and in the Holy Mass whenever possible. The most familiar story to me was about St. Mary Mazzarello . A t a young age, she already exhibited outstanding love for God. She lived in a Mornese, a town in Italy. She was a pious woman and she always atten ded the Holy Mass. It would take a