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Spreading Cheers

Last Saturday, when the traffic was so bad , I was in Alabang going home from work. Seeing cars lined up bumper to bumper made me feel really unwilling to go home. But then I remembered that December 5 was the Cheer Party schedule for Starbucks ATC. Since I won’t be able to go anywhere with the heavy traffic for two hours, I decided to drop by and join. I have been aware of the Cheer Parties for years, but I haven't attended any. It was all a matter of conflicts in schedule. But now, the opportunity came . I got there at exactly 5PM, around the time the party started, too. Such excellent timing! (^_^)   The Starbucks Cheer Party at Alabang Town Center Ah~ For the first time, I wasn't bored in the queue . F rom the outside, I could hear a nice soulful music being played inside the store. Another thing: food samples were given. Yay! Here we have a featured beverage: The Christmas Panettone Latte Frappuccino. The sample size of the Christmas Panettone Latte Frappuccino.