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Toy Con 2015

June has always been the month that geeks look forward to. Why? Toy Con baby! For this year 2015, ToyCon was on June 19, 20, and 21 in SM Megamall Megatrade Halls. I’m so happy to have attended the second day! I have attended Toy Con since 2011 and I must say, the event gets bigger and bigger every year. That means an over-crowded place, too. Sheesh … I was so haggard after attending the event, but it was worth it. :) The entrance was super cool! And the first thing that I saw inside was the huge life-size toys of Iron Man and Ultron. Just beside it is the DC booth.  The Toy Con entrance Ultron and Iron Man The Batman standee at the DC booth The place was full of toys, toys, toys! Big and small… Some are for sale and others are for display. *Drools* Antman display A Lego display! (^_^) Love it! Cool Coke bottles design Terminator Life-size figure It wasn't just toys, comics were also on display Photos, too. I like the Michael Jackson