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The Magnificent Carabao of VMC

“We designed the carabao’s head.” My father would always tell me whenever we pass by the sculpture on the way to school. He has told me hundreds, if not thousands, of times, so much so  that I just tune him out whenever he starts blabbering about it. The statue, made of varnished copper, was something so common to me. Recently, however, this sculpture has caught the attention of netizens and it has now become a famous tourist spot in that area. And for the first time in my life, I read it as a “carabao sundial” . Oh! After all those years of passing it every morning… now I ask myself, “That is a sundial?” . Hmmm … Maybe I missed it when my father talked about it. If not for that article at , I would never have known. Hehehe … But you know, after living here in the Metropolis for more than five years, I have come to miss the place. I guess being away for a long time made me appreciate what I once ignored. So on my recent vacation, I saw to it that I drop