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Handcuffs He is strangling me to death. He cuffs my hands to the prison railings. I'm beaten, abused, tortured.  I cry yet he doesn't heed. My sorrow is his happiness; my imprisonment, his joy; my helplessness, his pride. I'm helpless to my knees... I can't stand. I can't break free... Handcuffs on the iron bar railings house my wrists. I'm hurt. It hurts... am hurt. Handcuffs. Photo source Heya~ A day of sorrow and here I am venting it out in a creative, metaphorical, and obviously exaggerated manner.  What is this? I can only write poems when I'm in despair? I laugh at the thought. Hehehe~ Thanks for reading, guys. Don't worry, a happy post is in the drafts. (^_^) 

Of Gold, Pistachios, and Chocolate

The Magnum Pop-up store will only be open until March 2015! So I hurried to the fifth floor of SM Aura Premier to get a taste of sweet indulgence before it's gone in Manila. The place was very modern and posh. The yellow lighting added a feel of luxury, too.  When I came in, I directly headed to the Magnum Bar counter where I paid a hundred bucks and was made to choose for my personalized Magnum ice cream. I thought it would only include three toppings of choice. It turns out that I get to choose the flavor of the ice cream bar, the coating, and the drizzle, too. Sweet!  So here is my Magnum creation... Angel Mariel's Magnum creation (PhP 100) Pretty right? It looked to good to be eaten. This is made up of chocolate ice cream bar and coated with dark chocolate. Yes, as the title of this post hints, I chose the toppings Gold Nuggets, Chopped Pistachios, and Choco Crunch Balls. I was about to choose a chocolate drizzle but the maker suggested white chocolate. I

Forever and Ever

I am a product of the Novus Ordo Mass. I grew up thinking negatively of the Latin Mass. In class, I was taught that the ancient Mass was not understood by the people. And they don't participate with the priest, instead they privately prayed the Holy Rosary. So I thought that  the people were very distant from the Eucharist. The Latin Mass. Photo source My teacher said something like, "When I was young, I attended the Latin Mass with my grandparents. During the whole ritual, I didn't understand much of what was said. The only phrase that I learned to say was ' Saecula saeculorum ', which means ' Forever and ever '. When the priest says that, the response would be ' Amen' ." I was taught that the Vatican II Mass repaired this "people not participating" ideology. And I viewed it from a positive sense. This Novus Ordo Mass made the people participate in the ritual. They're not praying private Rosaries anymore, they sing and r

[Review] Kool Kids Ice Cream and Co.

Have you ever visited a store just to go take a look but a kind person at the counter greeted you with all smiles... and you ended up buying something?  That's what precisely happened to me on my first visit to  Kool Kids . I came from Otaku Expo and my feet were very tired after all the walking. I wanted to eat at someplace nearby so I could sit and rest for a short while, too.  It was a new place in SM Megamall Fashion Hall so I decided to check it out first. But the very accommodating crew looked at me with smiling eyes and said, "Hi, Ma'am! Welcome to Kool Kids! Here is our menu of ice cream and toppings, just choose on the list of flavors of the day."  Now, who would not want to buy after that?   At first, I didn't understand the menu. It was all in creative names with 2 or 3 combinations of flavors. It turns out that the ice cream would be then mixed from there. So I chose three scoops of "Minty Claus", a mixture of chocolate and mint. I

The Cosplayers of Otaku Expo 2015 Day 2

The first anime event that I attended for the year 2015 was Otaku Expo . As usual, I went to the second day, January 25, in SM Megamall Megatrade Hall. I didn't cosplay for the day,as I wanted to support and see my friends after a long Christmas vacation. (^_^)v Furthermore, I also want to keep in touch with cosplay while I prepare for my next project. I don't rush things when it comes to my hobbies since I receive a lot of pressure from my own career already.  Maybe that's why I looked so bad in my selfies. Nope, I won't post it here. Hahaha ~ My Otaku Expo ticket I looked around at the venue. There were the usual merchants, food stalls, and Ozine Maid Cafe. Along the way, I snapped photos of cosplayers. Truth is, I only took photos of cosplayers. Hehehe ~ Here they are... My favorite cosplayer of the day is Raezor Enriquez as Razor from DoTA. The   sp

On Faith

This 2015, I've set up goals for myself. One of them is to improve my faith. So when I heard from my aunt that a well-known priest of the Traditional Catholic Faith would be going to have a talk, I signed up right away without second thoughts.  The conference was held at Sta. Ana, Manila on January 31, 2015. It had the a picturesque view of the Pasig River. The cool breeze was perfect, too!  The spectacular view of the Pasig River The view from my seat The speaker, Fr. Paul Kramer, is an advocate of the Traditional Catholic Faith. He has written various books about the Faith and has tackled in-depth issues concerning the church, such as The Mystery of Iniquity and  The Suicide of Altering the Faith in the Liturgy . Fr. Paul Kramer The talk was entitled "Ecclesiastical Freemansonry and the Crisis in the Church". It is about the influence of Freemansonry which has infiltrated the church.  Fr. Elijah gave the opening remarks.  He gave us a quic