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Parasite She, to me, is a parasite. I give her everything... my time, my strength. But never my heart. It is mine. That is all what's left... my broken heart. She will never have it. She made me hate her... when I could have shared it. I hate her. I am not enriched in her presence, rather I rot in despair. I have to leave her... but I can't... Because she is a part of me, and I am a part of her. I will never lose to her! Oh this will be my victorious battle! Hi guys! Yup, I just wrote a poem... and for the first time, I posted it here in my blog. Haha ~ It's not my first though, I started writing short verses back in high school. Then stopped for like... ten years! Woah ~ That's a long time!  At this point in life, I am undergoing certain struggles that has kept me from writing articles. All I can think of is negative things borne out of pain and suffering. It's not something that I can freely write about online, unli

2015 Is Going To Be Better

Happy 2015, everyone! Yeah... I know I'm a week late. Hehehe... I'm in that Writing Not Writing stage again. To be honest, I couldn't write at all for this past 4 weeks. My creativity was hibernating again. Sometimes, I feel down when I cannot write at all. But here goes nothing. I feel uncomfortable when I'm not composing a blog post.  The year 2014 was a very difficult year for me. It wasn't what I would call 'bad' but it was very very hard. Thankfully, all that is over and 2015 gives me hope that it would be better. Hey, I hit rock bottom at 2014, so there's no way but up, right? Hehehe ~ So to start the year, I would like to write about.... *drum roll*... Rain. Hehehe ~ Yeah, I know it's a topic y'all predicted coming from Angel Mariel. And last year, my second anniversary as a Cloud passed by in a day I didn't even notice. Yep, time passes by so fast for me now. I remember my first anniversary and though late by three weeks (th