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Writing Not Writing

What is the worse thing about writing nonsense? It is having nothing to write at all. So I stare on a white sheet of virtual paper and all looking at the blinking cursor not figuring what else is there to write.... Writing about not writing From my plot of time... there were two food trips ( or maybe more ), an aquarium trip ( which was so awesome, I can still remember the names of the sea lions ), and ugh... two ( supposedly three ) movies in between.  But what has become of those? Memories waiting to be put into words... Writing should be like inspiration... ideas should flow nonstop that not even the writer knows when or where it would stop. But what is happening to me is quite the opposite. It is kinda like I force the words out instead of them freely flowing out. Alas! I'm writing nonsense again. It's one of those days that I have a thing or two about Philosophy. Though what I'm writing is not philosophical. It's a portion of the writer's brain, mor