Saturday, March 29, 2014

Je Suis Très Chic

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Yay! I was so happy to attend another BDJ Power Planner event. I feel sad that I am not able to attend BDJ events anymore because I have work on Saturdays now. So whenever, the event falls on a Sunday, I seize the opportunity right away! For the month of March, BDJ had the first BDJ Box Beauty Social for 2014. 

The event was entitled, "Tres Chic". Actually, when the announcement first came out, I didn't understand what "Tres Chic" means. Hahaha~ It was boyfie who told me, "It means 'very chic'", Ah~ ok.. hehehehe, now I know. Looks like he knows more girly stuff than me. Hehehehe~

So with the theme in mind, I expected the event to be full of the latest trends and styles. Of course, makeup will always be part of it. That alone made me excited to go to Samsung Hall, SM Aura Premier. And yes, it was on a Sunday, on March 23, to be exact. Yay!

At the Tres Chic event entrance
I pre-registered for the talks and I was given a brochure with claim stubs for the photo booth and loot bags. The flyer was convenient as it provided a map. 

The Tres Chic brochure
The venue was good and spacious. However, the place had poor lighting so I apologize if my photos are bad. It is either too dark or blurred. Ah well, lighting is always a problem for photographers. Hehehe~ And yeah, the SM free wifi couldn't get inside the hall, so no Instagram moments for me

So back to the topic... here is what you should know about going to a BDJ Box Beauty Social Event: you can save time and go there early. Skip putting makeup on because there will be a lot of booths that will cater to makeovers. Me? I had 3 makeovers at the event. Isn't that crazy? I got to try a lot of products from brushes to mineral cosmetics. 

The first booth that I visited was the Real Techniques booth by KALM Cosmetics. Their products are makeup brushes and beauty blogger Ana Victorino was doing makeovers. Yay! So there goes my first beauty session for the day. I like Ana, she is very young and very skilled with makeup. She has all the potential to be a renowned makeup artist someday. You know what, I really really like the way she shaped and colored my eyebrows. I don't have very defined eyebrows but she polished them and it made my face go 'wow'.

With Ana 
The pretty girls at the booth gave me a really delicious Nutella Rocks. I found it unique to I took a photo of it. It tastes really good. It was crunchy and the flavor was not very sweet unlike pure Nutella.

The yummy Nutella Rocks
Next, I passed by the Too Cool for School booth and they were giving away free samples! Eureka! Hahaha~ The key word is "sample" instantly piques my attention. So the TCFS booth had this 'vending machine' that gives out samples. Wheeee~ All you need to do is drop the stub of either BB cream or sleeping pack and then Kuya who was manning the machine would hand it out. Hehehe~ It was so cute! 

The TCFS vending machine (^_^)
The sample stubs
The samples! 
And then... I saw my BDJ friends Ria, Ghie, and Michelle on queue for the free makeover. So again? Hehehe~ Yep, I had another Korean inspired makeup. This time, the TCFS girl (I first met her at the BDJ Box Beauty Social at SM North) introduced me to a new product which I instantly fell in love: the Dino Platz (eye) Shadow on Flatiron. It was a liquid eye shadow I guess, being packed in a tube. It had shimmer and it was perfect for the event because the dark lighting made the glitter reflect what little light fell on it.

The TCFS makeover booth

Dino Platz (eye) Shadow on Flatiron

The TCFS girl who highlighted my eyes. 
Other than TCFS, the Benefit Cosmetics booth was a huge hit too! You get to don the spy gal costume and be a POREfessional. There was the green coat, Fedora hat, belt, sunglasses, attache case, and even binoculars! Yay! It's cosplay time for me and Michelle!

While I visited the various kiosks, I saw professional makeup artists and beauty bloggers. At the Canmake booth, I saw Ms. Bea Almeda. I was very happy that she smiled and waved when she saw me. She still remembers me from the BDJ Fair last year. (^_^) The Canmake booth was a hit too. I didn't bother falling in line for the makeover. It's time other girls get to experience Japanese makeup first hand. 

Ms. Bea Almeda at work
I was just admiring the Ellana displays when Ms. Teresa approached me and said a very cheerful "Hi!". I replied with a smile, too. Without any second thoughts, she got a brush and dipped it to a mineral foundation with the name "Almond Latte". She introduced Ellana Mineral Cosmetics to me and she explained that I am of 'cool' skintone. That should help me choose the kind of colors of makeup later on. She swatched the foundation near the portion of my ears and it completely disappeared. "You know that the foundation is right for you if the color blends with your neck', she said. 

The lovely Ellana display

The Almond Latte foundation which made my eyebags disappear
Ms. Teresa has convinced me that Ellana cosmetics is one of the best when she applied the foundation at my lower eyes where my eyebags were. Hehehe~ Then voila! The dark circles were gone instantly! My left eye looked so fresh while my right eye looked so stressed. Hahaha~ Too bad I didn't take a photo of my two-faced moment. I got too excited and asked her to apply it on my right eye too! Then, I totally looked healthy! And that my friends, is the third makeup session for the day. 

A mirror selfie with Ms. Teresa
Beauty Blogger Ms. Liz Lanuzo was there at the Ellana booth, too! I suddenly remembered when I attended her 5th blogging anniversary event where I met her. She is ageless and very beautiful, as usual. She complimented my makeup, especially my eyes. Yay! So photo op... 

with Ms. Liz Lanuzo
All the booths were awesome! I never got tired of walking and taking creative shots:

The Biokos display
I love Cure! 
The MABDS booth gave out hair makeovers

Another one of those lovely Ellana displays!

The Moschino booth has the best product lighting ever!

Moschino Chic Petals

Moschino I Love Love scent

The Too Cool For School makeup box! 

Gorgeous Canmake products

I learned a lot about skin care and makeup from various booths. On top of that, I registered for the Colors of Summer with Shiseido Maquillage talk by Jessica Villapando. It was a truly unforgettable experience to learn from a makeup expert. I chose this topic to attend because I love this Japanese makeup brand. I started to believe in their products when I tried their Ibuki range

The Tres Chic stage

Ms. Jasmine Mendiola hosted the event. If there is one girl who was the perfect example of Tres Chic, it would be her! 

Jasmine Mendiola on stagre
Ms. Villapando, introduced the new products of Shiseido and the latest makeup trends especially for summer. Water-proof foundation and makeup, everyone! Doesn't that make you think of wearing makeup while hitting the pool?

Ms. Villapando, her makeup artist assistant, and the lucky model on stage

The waterproof foundation from Shiseido

Fabulous makeup for the season
I was seated beside my BDJ friend Joey and we shared thoughts while listening to the talk. I had fun talking to her! And the topics was all about makeup and skincare! Hehehe~ Joey has more experience with samples and I learned a lot from her, too! 

I went home after the talk. It was a very informative day and I came home with a lot of samples to try! Wheee~

Quota na?

Samples and more!
Makeup, information, and samples make me happy. But you know what....

Very well said.
It is people who make the time worthwhile. I was reunited with my gorgeous BDJ friends and saw new faces. It was nice to see them all Tres Chic! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Go Princess!

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I'm not one of those sporty type. I prefer the intellectual things, hence when it comes to anything physical, I will always lose. But I'm such a huge fan of Etude House and when I heard that they are organizing a fun run event called the “Etude Princess Run”, I got excited right away.

I didn’t expect it and fought the urge to join. I mean, I am not interested with running. And waking up very early in the morning and being in the event at 5AM? It is so not me.

Whenever there are events like this, I usually ignore it. But not this time. I know Etude House and all their cute stuff! See.. there is a singlet, race bib, and for Pink Members, a bonus tutu skirt. And they’re all in pink! I couldn’t bear to ignore it all. Plus, there will be a Pink Fair after the race. That means… booths and samples! Wheeee~

So after a week of inner conflict over whether to register or not, I finally gave in. I only joined the 3k run though, no use in being so overly ambitious and go 10k. Hahaha~ As a Pink member, I was entitled to a PhP100 discount. I registered online at

I went to the Etude House branch in Glorietta to pay. I like it there! Upon entering, the male security guard greeted me, “Welcome, Princess!”. Awww… (^_^)v Cute, manong! The sales staff were so kind and assisted me with every bit of the process. 

And here are my stuff! A medium-sized singlet, a race bib which bears my lucky number, and a pink tutu skirt. 

The race kit. (^_^)

The singlet

...and the free tutu skirt for Pink members (^_^)

Now, I'm ready for the Etude Princess Run! 
Honestly, the one motivator that got me to register are the items. Seeing them makes me happy. They’re so cute! And hey, since it is called a “Princess Run”, I have all the rights to run like a princess! Hehehe~

Aside from diet, I guess it’s time for me to go jogging and improve endurance. If you are interested to join, just register here

Go princess! 

Photo credits: Etude House, Disney Pictures

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Let's Go Let's Gokaijaaa~

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I never thought that I would get addicted to the Super Sentai series again. I am not really into the power rangers stuff anymore. They appeal more to kids now and besides, the action scenes are somewhat predictable. It's that kind of genre, the Tokusatsu genre. I personally prefer shows with a heavily analytical and action plot. 

But... as I was thinking of new characters for my next cosplay, my friend suggested "Power Rangers" to me. It will be a group cosplay, he said. I hesitated at first, thinking that the costume would be a skin-tight outfit.  

"Oh no, it won't be a tight fit costume", he replied while showing me this photo...

"Oh! Nice costumes!", I said. It turns out that we would cosplay the 'normal' clothes of the power rangers. Yeah, I haven't thought of that. My friend is a genius! 

We would portray the characters from Kaizoku Sentai GokaigerIt is the TV show that commemorates the 35th Anniversary of the Super Sentai series. Woah~ That is a lot of power rangers! I can't believe the fact that the series existed way before I was born. Hehehe~

My friend initially suggested that I would play the yellow ranger. But but but... I have always liked pink rangers since the Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger days of Jason, Kimberly, Billy, Trini, and Zack. Hehehe~ I still remember their names from memory. Now don't get confused, I will cosplay the pink ranger from the original Japanese series Gokaiger. Yep, I asked my friend to give me that role. And that is how the pink Gokaiger, Ahim de Famille, got into my cosplan list for 2014.

The pink Gokaiger
Before every cosplay, you need to do a character study. That means researching all about the character, her mannerisms, and way of language. For me, I started out with the easiest route: watching the Gokaiger series. 

Honestly, when I saw Ahim de Famille and hear her speak, I instantly had her figured out. She did not seem to have a complicated personality. I immediately understood how to portray her. So there shouldn't be any need to continue watching the series as my purpose has been fulfilled, right?

Wrong! Hehehe~

I don't know why I was still glued to the screen. Wow! I was instantly hooked as I watched the first episode. The Gokaigers are unique because they are able to use the ranger keys of the previous Super Sentai and thus able to transform into various power rangers! Yay! It was so amazing to watch them transform to Goseiger, Shinkenger, and all the others. I saw Bioman, Fiveman, and oh my gosh~ Jetman! There were other rangers that looked familiar but I can't remember anymore. This is what make the Gokaiger series stand out. It is an incredible trip down nostalgia lane

This Super Sentai series has the same common and predictable plot: evil monsters attack earth and sends out many weak pawns, rangers defeat the enemy with their super weapon, enemy gets revived into a giant, rangers ride a vehicle that merge into a robot, then finally defeats the enemy. And it happens in almost every episode. 

But still, I was addicted to the series! What kept me glued to Gokaiger is the plot development. Despite the slow start, it provides deep character development. It still has that analytical element I'm looking for, just not presented at one go, but rather given on tidbits. 

Yeah~ The Super Sentai series still has appeal to me. I'm very suprised! Hahaha~ It is a good series replays on your head and keeps you addicted to watch more! And oh... did I mention that the OST is so catchy that it will keep playing in your head for the whole day?

I'm super excited to cosplay Ahim de Famille! Let's Go Let's Gokaijaaaa~!

Photo credits: Toei Animation

Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Scenes from the 7th PCC

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Were you present on March 9, 2014, at Robinson's Manila for the second day of the 7th Philippine Cosplay Convention? Were you part of the crowd as a cosplayer, anime enthusiast, or photographer? 

The early crowd of the 7th PCC
Or did you attend  the event as a blogger, like me? And yes, I was in my cosplay outfit, too! And just like last year's PCC, I went as Rei Ayanami again. This year is special because for the first time, Xtian Mack of and I bring you a double coverage of the event. Xtian was in cosplay, too! He went as an ANBU shinobi.

Me and Xtian
First things first, I was present for the opening number of the event. The second day was launched with a dance performance from AKB48 cover group, Sugar48.

Sugar48 on stage
After the opening performance, the crowd slowly swelled with cosplayers. Seeing other people cosplay makes me happy. I went with my friends and we took selfies… hehehe~

Me and my friends' selfie. Photo by Yuna
Other than selfies, I took photos of cosplayers, as usual. This time around, it is more special because Xtian Mack and I took photos together.  

I took photos of the photographer in action. Look at the stance, man! His dedication to cosplay and photography is something to be admired. Proof? His 5-pound (~2.5 kg) camera. On the scene below, he is working on the feature Shaider and Annie Cosplay by Bri and Kasumi

And the great man took photos of me too. Hehehe~ Yay to cosplayers who take pics!

Shaider, me, and Annie. (^_^) Photo by Xtian Mack
A photo of me and my friends... and Mina Kim. (^_^) Photo by Xtian Mack
Aaaaand…. here are my shots:

Yuna as Captain Marika Kato from Moretsu Pirates

Reeve as Captain Marvelous from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

My favorite cosplayer of the day is… Mina Kim as Gothic Annie. While this look is actually an alternate skin for the champion Annie in League of Legends, I do feel that it fits the character very well. It gives the champion a distinct disturbed look, very much like Alice from American McGee's video game Alice. Mina did portray Annie impeccably as well. You can see from her aura, the cute, disturbed, and sometimes frightening Annie. Her costume is well-crafted, too. 

Mina Kim as Annie (Gothic version)

It was Xtian introduced me to Mina and encourage me to take photos of her. Of course, there is the #selfie Hehehe~

Xtian takes a photo of me-selfie. (^_^)

... and this is the result of me-selfie
With Xtian and Mina (^_^) Photo by Xtian
I pretty much enjoyed this year’s PCC. It has beaten the 2011 PCC as one of my most epic cosplay events in my life. Special thanks to Xtian for this inviting me to a double coverage. 

More photos in Xtian’s blog! Check it out here for his coverage of the event:

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