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Je Suis Très Chic

Yay! I was so happy to attend another BDJ Power Planner event. I feel sad that I am not able to attend BDJ events anymore because I have work on Saturdays now. So whenever, the event falls on a Sunday, I seize the opportunity right away! For the month of March, BDJ had the first BDJ Box Beauty Social for 2014.  The event was entitled, " Tres Chic ".  Actually, when the announcement first came out, I didn't understand what "Tres Chic" means. Hahaha ~ It was boyfie who told me, "It means 'very chic'", Ah~ ok.. hehehehe, now I know. Looks like he knows more girly stuff than me. Hehehehe ~ So with the theme in mind, I expected the event to be full of the latest trends and styles. Of course, makeup will always be part of it. That alone made me excited to go to Samsung Hall, SM Aura Premier. And yes, it was on a Sunday, on March 23, to be exact. Yay! At the Tres Chic event entrance I pre-registered for the talks and I was given a brochure

Go Princess!

I'm not one of those sporty type. I prefer the intellectual things, hence when it comes to anything physical, I will always lose. But I'm such a huge fan of Etude House and when I heard that they are organizing a fun run event called the “ Etude Princess Run ”, I got excited right away. I didn’t expect it and fought the urge to join. I mean, I am not interested with running. And waking up very early in the morning and being in the event at 5AM? It is so not me. Whenever there are events like this, I usually ignore it. But not this time. I know Etude House and all their cute stuff! See.. there is a singlet, race bib, and for Pink Members, a bonus tutu skirt. And they’re all in pink! I couldn’t bear to ignore it all. Plus, there will be a Pink Fair after the race. That means… booths and samples! Wheeee ~ So after a week of inner conflict over whether to register or not, I finally gave in. I only joined the 3k run though, no use in being so overly ambitious and go 10k. H

Let's Go Let's Gokaijaaa~

I never thought that I would get addicted to the Super Sentai series again. I am not really into the power rangers stuff anymore. They appeal more to kids now and besides, the action scenes are somewhat predictable. It's that kind of genre, the Tokusatsu genre. I personally prefer shows with a heavily analytical and action plot.  But... as I was thinking of new characters for my next cosplay, my friend suggested "Power Rangers" to me. It will be a group cosplay, he said. I hesitated at first, thinking that the costume would be a skin-tight outfit.   "Oh no, it won't be a tight fit costume", he replied while showing me this photo... "Oh! Nice costumes!", I said. It turns out that we would cosplay the 'normal' clothes of the power rangers. Yeah, I haven't thought of that. My friend is a genius!  We would portray the characters from  Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger .  It is the TV show that commemorates the 35th Anniversary of the Supe

My Scenes from the 7th PCC

Were you present on March 9, 2014, at Robinson's Manila for the second day of the 7th Philippine Cosplay Convention? Were you part of the crowd as a cosplayer, anime enthusiast, or photographer?  The early crowd of the 7th PCC Or did you attend  the event as a blogger, like me? And yes, I was in my cosplay outfit, too! And just like last year's PCC , I went as Rei Ayanami again. This year is special because for the first time, Xtian Mack of and I bring you a double coverage of the event. Xtian was in cosplay, too! He went as an ANBU shinobi. Me and Xtian First things first, I was present for the opening number of the event. The second day was launched with a dance performance from AKB48 cover group, Sugar48. Sugar48 on stage After the opening performance, the crowd slowly swelled with cosplayers. Seeing other people cosplay makes me happy. I went with my friends and we took selfies… hehehe ~ Me and my friends' selfie. Photo by Yuna O