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Happy Chinese New Year!

Hi everyone! (^_^) 马年大吉 祝您新年快乐, 萬事如意.金玉滿堂, 大展鴻圖 Good luck in the Year of the Horse! Wishing you a happy new year, may all your wishes come true, may your house be filled with wealth and may your ambitions be fulfilled.  Photo source What are the predictions for you this year? Is it good or bad? Well, let us all remember that nothing beats hard work and patience in achieving success. 

The Pink Cloud

One of my 2013 Christmas wishes came true! Yay! I am finally a Ninth Cloud member, and a wielder of a pink cloud! (^_^)  My Pink Cloud. (^_^) The pink cloud looks so cute. I like the color pink as well so, I'm very proud to have it! It wouldn't have been possible without the help of Cloud sisters who answered my queries. To  +Alisa Rain , Michele, Cyndi, and to Overseas Cloud Master huhuhuhu. Thank you for your assistance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have helped me fulfill one of my dreams. (^_^) I feel fulfilled to have become Rain's official fan club member. This is one of my means of supporting him in gratitude to the inspiration that he continues to give me in every second of my life.  I can't seem to believe it! I'm still on Cloud 9 being a Cloud Nine!

Marble Wonderland is All About Kawaii

Marble Wonderland is an event by Asia Kawaii Way to promote the Japanese kawaii culture. The show features fashion, cosplay, and lifestyle. It was shown Akihabara, Shibuya, and in various districts in Japan. Internationally, it was previously shown in Indonesia and Singapore. Now, it was finally here in the Philippines.  It was held on the night of January 17, 2014 at Movie Stars Cafe . The atmosphere was electrifying as cosplayers, otakus, and fans of Japanese culture buzzed with excitement in anticipation of the show. Posters filled Movie Stars Cafe The stage was filled with brilliant lights and the props help promote the ideal of cuteness/kawaii. The Marble Wonderland stage is full of brilliant lights! Attendees were treated to a packed dinner and unlimited round of drinks from Movie Stars Cafe. I gotta say that the dinner provided was good. The chopsuey at the upper right of the lunch box had baby potatoes. There was chicken on the upper left and Seafood Paella on t


So how has it been going? For you? For me? I mean... I want to write about makeup, food, fitness, events, cosplay, or anything philosophical about life. However, I came to a halt when Rain went on a comeback! And my brain has been all about Rain and nothing but Rain… since January 1.   Nyahahaha ~ If a normal brain looks like this... ...mine looks like this... My Rain Brain. Hehehe ~ Honestly, being new to this world ( world of fandoms. Hehehe~ ), I'm very much overwhelmed. But I'm still loving the feelings it generates in my heart. And the Rain Effect on me is pretty much very obvious. I feel more hyper these days. I would probably describe it as having the hip and pulsating beats in 30 Sexy playing in my mind all the time. At work, my mind is tuned like La Song, allowing me to perform to the best of my capabilities. And if samples just keep coming in? Bring it on! Split peak, tailing peak, pressure maximum in HPLC? I'd be so happy to troubleshoot!

Marble Wonderland in Manila!

Marble Wonderland , an event full of everything kawaii, comes to Manila this Friday, January 17, 2014! This event has been a huge success in Indonesia and Singapore. Here in the Philippines, it will be held in Movie Stars Cafe in SM Mall of Asia Seaside Boulevard. Food, Cosplay, Fashion... Are you excited now?  Photo credits: Asia Kawaii Way, click all posters to enlarge There will be fashion on stage and cosplay, too. The lineup of guests are something to rave about! Alodia Gosiengfiao and Japanese dancers 217 and Miume will grace the event.  The event will feature the competition and launch of the new Filipino Idol Group which will be named “Alodia’s Sisters”. I look forward to seeing a lot potential talents.  For anime and cosplay fans, like me, there will be live cosplay shows on stage! Yay! Japanese fashion will be showcased, too. The Japanese duo,  Miume and  217 of the girl group Guilty Hearts, will be coming down as well. They are very well known odo

The 2014 Belle de Jour Power Planner

The Belle de Jour Power Planner is one of the first things that I post every year. Even though I already bought it months before (like every BDJ Fair ^_^), I don't write anything on it until January comes. Yep, even if it means stopping myself from writing on its gorgeous pages. For me, it is solely for 2014, so everything should be written when the right time comes.  The 2014 Belle de Jour Power Planners in leather and matte covers The 2014 Belle de Jour Power Planner is available on leather and matte covers. The contents are the same, so don't worry. It just depends on your preference. I'm so happy that Viviamo! offered the option of personalizing the planner. Yay! Actually, there were two cover options available for that. I chose the traditional one with the BDJ girl on the cover. I like that cartoon and I'm not letting go of that. Here it is, my very own 2014 BDJ Planner (matte cover): My very own 2013 BDJ Power Planner Every purchase enables you to h