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My Ready-for-Anything Skin

Life is tough. Being ready for it is the best choice one can do. And me? I take a lot of measures to make sure that I, as a person, am ready for anything! 

I make sure my body is ready for anything by being fit. Well, at least I try to be! LOL! I love food but I take everything in moderation. I avoid soda and junk food, and lessen sweets. Having a sound body is important because it helps in handling stress well. I have noticed that when I have eaten and slept well, I don't crack up in pressure or get grumpy. Stress doesn't have a place in a healthy body! 

I make sure my mind is ready for anything by thinking positive thoughts. Remember, it's all in the mind! This is extremely difficult for me to do as I am a pessimist by nature. But I do try hard to shift my perspective.

Lastly, I make sure my spirit is ready for anything by praying regularly. Having a good spiritual life is that harbinger of inspiration. In turn, it gives me encouragement to continue on living day by day. 

All those things I regularly do. But now, I have an addition to my routine. Thanks to Shiseido's Ibuki line, I now have the opportunity to make sure that my skin is ready for anything, too! I was able to grab samples from Sample Room in my latest haul. I got the Softening Concentrate, Refining Moisturizer, and Protective Moisturizer. 

My Shiseido Ibuki samples from Sample Room.

I'm so impressed with the results! Let's go through each product quickly:

I was very curious at what the Softening Concentrate is all about. I just experienced it for the first time, too. Only Shiseido has this kind of product while other brands have the toner. From what I have understood, a softener makes the skin soft and preps it for the moisturizer. But I still wondered if it functions like a toner and remove dirt, too. So I tried it and voila! It still removed excess dirt but made my skin soft, whereas toner would've dried it out. 

The softener is colorless! 

Next in line is the Refining Moisturizer. This is my favorite in the Ibuki line! The results were visible overnight! My skin was hydrated and more plump when I woke up! I have observed that my pimples shrunk in size, too! I used this twice a day, and 1 mL of sample lasted for up to six days! I'm now on my second sachet and my skin feels so healthy! 

The Ibuki Refining Concentrate 1mL sachet samples

The third sample is the Protective Moisturizer. I apply this after putting on the Refining Moisturizer. But  this, I only use during daytime. I don't know, but after reading that it has SPF 15, I decided to apply it on mornings only. I love the gentle floral smell and the milky consistency of this product. Moreover, it gives my skin an instant whitening glow, as well.

Ibuki Protective Moisturizer on my skin
Actually, this week has been so difficult for me. Heavy workloads during day time and two blogs to maintain at night time. Argh! It is very hard to keep up with the fast changing trends and happenings! I sacrificed some sleeping time just to research and write, and edit photos too. I only had four hours of sleep these days and it has taken a toll on my body. Deep inside, I am so tired. But my skin.... look...

Whenever I tell my friends about my toxic lifestyle and how I am stressed these last few days, no one... as in no one believes me! With glowing skin like that, who would, right? LOL! 

And the ultimate proof that the Ibuki line works? This...

"Mariel, your skin is beautiful!", said one of my friends with a sincere smile. 

See? Lack of sleep, stress at work, pollution on the streets of Manila, and even my problems don't stand a chance! My skin still looks good despite it all! 

The Shiseido Ibuki line works and delivers! So now I can proudly say, "Life, throw anything at me! My body, spirit, and skin are ready to take you on!"


Paola Lauretano said…
Interesting post darling!!!!
I'm following you back now on GFC and Twitter and I liked your FB page!!!
Keep in touch!
Emily said…
Your skin really is nice hehe, it looks very healthy and glowy^-^ I'm always impressed with this brand, I think I'll try out this range when I get the chance:D x
M + K said…
shiseido have some really nice products. we love their face washes and moisturiser
Angel Mariel said…
oh yes, they're great! :D I hope the set would work well with your skin, too. :)
keschen said…
That's a great post :)

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d said…
Very nice! I've never heard of this brand before, but wow!

x leah symonne x
Helen Blas said…
You look glowing nga! :D Makes me wanna try out the Shiseido Ibuki range. I am most curious about the softener. :)
Angel Mariel said…
Hi Helen! Thanks and I do hope you can grab some samples, too! :)

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