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Vanilla Sunshine Frostings

Vanilla Sunshine has got to be my most favorite from Cupcakes by Sonja. I love the simplicity of the flavor and the right amount of sweetness. The first one that I tried had pink frosting. It was a year ago that I first tasted this cupcake and it was unforgettable.

Vanilla Sunshine with pink frosting
I then wondered if varying colors of frosting would have different flavors. I found the answer to that just this week! (^_^)

Thank God for the branch in Glorietta! It's more accessible and I now have more opportunities to explore the other cupcakes! For now, here is the display with Vanilla Sunshine:

Myriad of cupcake choices is an eye candy!

Look at those beautiful Vanilla Sunshine!
I got the one with light indigo frosting. I was hoping for a change in flavor, like lemon or strawberry or any fruit, but it tasted sugary sweet to me. 

So to satisfy my curiosity, I asked a male staff about it. He told me that Vanilla Sunshine has the signature Vanilla frosting in all colors, except the brown one. 

The brown frosting is chocolate! Now this has become my most loved among all colors of Vanilla Sunshine! Also, I remember Rain whenever I see this cupcake. I chose this for his birthday. 

Vanilla Sunshine with chocolate frosting
Oh! There is still one more color that I haven't tried yet: the blue green one! LOL! I will still go for it. Despite having the same flavor as the pink and indigo ones,  I would still love to taste the flowing sweetness of vanilla again! 


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