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Great Memories at Fantasy Quest 3: Live On!

On August 25, 2013, the third year of Fantasy Quest was held on Fernwood Gardens. It was my first time to attend and I have raves about it! The venue provided good backgrounds for photos.  The event program was simple but it provided the opportunity for cosplayers to interact with each other. The place, Fernwood Gardens My FQ3 ticket :) I was so happy to see renowned cosplayers, from both the international and local scene, gracing this event! Popular Filipino cosplayer Zhel and Japanese cosplayer Usagi were the official guests. They walked on stage and showcased their beautiful costumes!  Zhell on stage!  It's Usagi! :)  We also had a signing and photo op session with them! Sweet! And cosplayers lined themselves up peacefully! That is also one of the things I love about Fantasy Quest. It wasn't crowded unlike mall events.  It's blurry but I have a selfie with Zhel! Yippee!  A rare moment capture in time! Me and Usagi! :)  Yay! They gav