Thursday, May 30, 2013

[Review] Cure Natural Aqua Gel

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When my fourth package from Sample Room arrived, Cure was the product that I used right away. Of course, I took a few snap shots first. LOL! I knew of Cure for a long time and how it has been recommended by popular cosplayers for skin care! Now that it's available here in the country, I got so excited to try it out! 

Sample Room gave out five sachets of Cure. A sachet is good for one time use. 

Cure samples. 25 SR points.
It's my first time to use a gel-based exfoliator, so I didn't know how to apply Cure on my skin. Good thing the samples came with an instruction leaflet! The directions at the back of the sachets are written in Japanese. 

The instruction leaflet
How to use Cure: 

1. Wash your face then towel dry very well.
2. Pump a dab of gel on your fingertips.
3. Apply on your face and massage in a circular motion for 30 seconds to 1 minute to remove your dead skin.
4. Rinse face with water then follow with your daily skin care routine. 

The product is a light gel flowing liquid. It smells clean too. Here are some swatches:

A dab of Cure on my hand

Spread it out
Then massage in circular  motion. Those white stuff are my dead skin.
Important thing: Cure doesn't work on wet skin. So make sure your skin is very dry before applying. Me, I washed my face first then I wait for at least 10 minutes to ensure that my skin is completely dry. 

The after-feel? Squeaky clean face that is soft and smooth to the touch! My blackheads are gone, too. 

Cure is great! The recommended usage of Cure is only twice a week. I have used the product for three times now, at 3-day intervals. Cure didn't do anything to my pimples instantly. But I have noticed I have less breakouts after a few days. I know have clearer skin! 

I will save up to buy the full bottle worth PhP1,500. If it's for better skin, then there are no second thoughts! Of course, the raves of my favorite cosplayers have the biggest impact on this decision! LOL!

Here is the review I left in Sample Room. Take note: I posted this on the day I got the package! It's the first time I did that, to write a review after using the product just once! 

My review in Sample Room. Click to enlarge

I love Cure! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Don't Have Time?

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I didn't really expect to hear myself say, "I don't have time".  It is what grown ups say, those people who have given up life's little happiness for money. Maybe I have become a grown up... because I am not happy. 

But what is time? Isn't it a bunch of numbers on a circular frame? 

A bunch on numbers on a frame. Photo source.
Time doesn't exist... it's just man who tried to measure the things around him. Time is but a matter of perspective. It is a product of man's efforts to put everything in order: wake up at 6, eat lunch at 12, sleep at 8. 

In this crazy world, people are all about money. Time is money.  I wonder who came up with that crap! Time is not money! Money is about you waiting for the perfect time and striking at the opportunity! It is not rushing. It is not striking carelessly. 

Ah~ But the world likes to be fast and be competitive. Important things like love and compassion are forgotten. Friends, family, everyone becomes a competitor... and thus an enemy. 

People forget about helping each other and working together. People become impatient because of the mindset that everything should be done instantly. People become cold towards others and they treat them as a thing. If you have no use for their success, then you are nobody. 

It seems that time becomes out of control when you get older. I won't be surprise if one day, we will buy time, just like how clean water is sold nowadays. 

And ah~ here I am stuck in the crossroads of my philosophies. I am compelled to live in this world but I am a human person. I don't see competitors, I see friends. As always, I am a 'pasaway' (a person who doesn't follow orders). And if someone were to rate me on how I live in this world, on it is written DOES NOT CONFORM. 

So what does a non-conformist do? Enjoy life! Go home early! Go out during weekends! I will not stop living a life. I have to find a way to be happy... and to be able to stop myself from saying, "I don't have time". 

I have to hold time in my hands.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cure and Gluta-C Soap from Sample Room

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Look at what arrived in the mail! Another round of samples from Sample Room. I chose two products: Cure Natural Aqua Gel and Gluta-C Intense Face and Body Whitening Soap. I'm so happy to get to try these out!

Gluta-C soap and Cure for my 4th Sample Room haul.

I decided to get the Gluta-C Intensive Whitening Soap because I ran out of SR points in my last haul... and I wanted to complete my Gluta-C line-up. With this, I plan to use it together with the scrub and lotion. Sample Room offered the full size of 135g for this sample. 

Gluta-C Intense Whitening Face and Body Soap (45 SR points)
I first heard about Cure from popular cosplayer Kaika when she posted a video about skin care.  She mentioned Cure as her exfoliator. So I got curious about it. I have heard raves about this product and the wonders it does to the skin! Now here is my turn to be amazed! Sample Room gave out five sachets of Cure. 

Cure Natural Aqua Gel (25 SR points)
It is still all about skin care for this haul... and I love it! Now let me try them out right now... tah tah! 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

[Review] Gluta-C Intense Whitening Original Body Lotion SPF 25

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I always moisturize my face but I rarely do so on my body. The fact that I don't have much time is the culprit. However, after getting my Gluta-C haul from Sample Room, I was obliged to apply the body scrub and the lotion everyday for the experience. Five days later, I saw improvements on my skin and I realize I was missing a lot on body care.

I got this Gluta-C Body Lotion from Sample Room
Gluta-C Intense Whitening Lotion is a good product! According to the label, it contains Glutathione and Vitamin C for whitening, Shea Butter for moisturization, and SPF 25 for sun protection. 

Gluta-C Body Lotion back label
The consistency of the lotion is white viscous cream. It smells like that sweet orange candy from my childhood! I love the scent! Upon application, this one glides well and it is non-greasy. My skin felt soft and smooth instantly!

I love this product even more because it was able to correct one of my skin's major blemishes.  Pimples or small rashes (don't know what it is called) appear on some parts on my arms. I noticed that it slowly disappeared when I started using this lotion. 

The SPF 25 is there too! I can tell it is whenever my skin is hit by the sun, and then I see small shining particles reflecting light away from me. With Gluta-C Body Lotion, I am sure that I get 25 times the protection from the sun's harmful rays. 

As for the whitening promise? After two weeks of using it, I don't see any obvious results. But it did deliver me soft skin free of blemishes. Not bad, eh? The fact that it is also affordable helps! A 125mL bottle costs only PhP164.75. When this sample runs out, I will definitely repurchase! 

How did I rate it in Sample Room?

The review I left in Sample Room
... with an average of 5 hearts! I am very satisfied with this product!

For more information, visit

Saturday, May 18, 2013

[Review] Gluta-C Intense Whitening Body Scrub

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Gluta-C Intense Whitening Body Scrub is a product that impressed me on my first try. Mostly, when I review beauty products, I use it at least a week to see the effects and results on my skin. I never thought that a body scrub can make me go "wow!" instantly!

I got this from my Gluta-C Sample Room haul. And I used it the day after I got it. I was that excited! This product is packaged in a tub. It is a soft, viscous, and grainy cream. The smell is nice, too! It has a cool perfume scent. 

120g tub of Gluta-C Body Scrub
This is how I used this: I wet my skin and then took an ample amount of the scrub and then applied it using circular motions. Afterwards, I put liquid body wash on a loofah then rubbed on my skin. I could feel the small grains from the scrub gently exfoliating my skin. I love the combination it does with the body wash. The bubbles and the foam make it comfortable! All the while, I know that my skin is thoroughly cleansed! 

Here is the surprise! When I rinsed off my body, I saw how dark the water and soap suds were! It just proves how effective the cleansing action of this scrub is! It also gave me that instant whitening effect, probably due to the exfoliation it delivered. 

After drying, my skin felt soft and smooth afterwards! It gave out a glowing effect, too! Hmmm... I'm starting to love this product! I'm so thankful to Sample Room for giving us a full size! But I won't mind buying another once it runs out, it only costs PhP99.75. 

The review I wrote in Sample Room.
For more information, visit

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

[Review] Banana Berry Smoothie

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Since I am missing my favorite Berry Bitten smoothie, I opted to try out those with "berries" on their names. Hopefully, one of them might come close to that flavor I always crave. When I attended the soft opening of the Jamba Juice EDSA Shang branch, I finally had my share to try Banana Berry, upon the suggestion of an ambassador! 

My first sip of it was... wow! This one is almost like Berry Bitten! But I was so busy during the event that I wasn't able to experience it well. So I went back a week later to savor Banana Berry the way a food blogger should!

I read the short recipe written on the menu board. The ingredients are bananas, blueberries, apple-strawberry juice, nonfat yogurt, and raspberry sherbet. And let me say this again, the taste is close to Berry Bitten. 
Banana Berry smoothie from Jamba Juice

Banana Berry has a strong berry flavor, but it is less sour and seedy compared to Berry Bitten. With every sip hits the taste of blueberries and a hint of sweetness of bananas. The sourness comes from the nonfat yogurt and the raspberry sherbet. It also has that glassy look that I love see.  

The 'glassy' look
Banana Berry is bursting with smooth blend of fruity flavor! The coldness of this drink makes it a good companion in this sunny weather! I love every part of this smoothie! Blueberries, raspberries, yogurt, you name it! It looks good and tastes even better! With the absence of Berry Bitten, this one makes it in my top favorite list!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kettle Korn: Poppin' Fun All The Time!

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Watching movies is my form of relaxation after a week of hard work.But I don't want just any movie. I'm picky when it comes to the kind of films that I watch. It should be informative, analytical, fun, engrossing, and entertaining at the same time. Popularity of the actors also helps but I'm more on the plot side.

So... what if I star in my very own movie? Would it be the kind that I would like to watch? Hmmm... Let's see now. In that reel world, I would be a treasure hunter, like my favorite character Tomb Raider Lara Croft! Just like her, I would use guns and high tech gadgets! 

Lara Croft
However, just to keep things different from her, my weapon of choice would be a katana (ninja long sword). With that, my expertise would be in ninja moves and crafts. In short, I would be a ninja tomb raider! But my character is not at all perfect. I would be the best in thinking and deducing information and fighting with intellect and words. But my weakness would be fighting physically and using other weapons aside from the sword. Well, my favorite ninja is cute and bubbly Sakura Haruno of Naruto! My character could be like that... cute yet lethal! Now how do I get writers for this? Heehee~ So that's it... my name in this movie would be Sakura!

Sakura Haruno
My lead male character would be a traditional ninja dressed in black! He would be the serious and drop dead gorgeous type. He would complement Sakura's weaknesses to weapons. He would be the skilled one when it comes to all kinds of weapons: sword, nunchucks, shuriken... you name it! The character that comes to my mind? Just like Raizo of Ninja Assassin... Of course, his name in my movie would still be Raizo!

Raizo of Ninja Assassin.
Our nemesis would also be a ninja specializing in dark crafts. He works for an international mafia and black market of rare and precious treasures. I give him the name Arashi and his character would be similar to Storm Shadow of GI Joe:

Storm Shadow of GI Joe
Here is the plot:

Sakura and Raizo were exploring one of the Pyramids of Giza. The smell of humid old rocks filled the air to the point of suffocation. They entered a chamber at the lowest basement and at the center they found a scroll. The old piece of parchment had writings of ancient hieroglyphics. Sakura opened it and it revealed the secret recipe for a medicine that can cure all diseases. A formulation concocted by alchemists and healers thousands of years ago. It was the secret to long life and eternal beauty! 

Finally! Humanity can live life to the full without having to worry about sickness! With this hope in mind, Sakura and Raizo set on a journey right away to find each ingredient as written on the parchment! However, the method of mixing them was written in a different form of hieroglyphs that was way beyond Sakura's knowledge. So aside from the recipe, they needed to find a person that could decipher the ancient symbols for their goal to succeed!

Sakura and Raizo would travel the ancient and modern places the world: the Aztec pyramids, Easter Island, Japanese temples, scary castles in Transylvania, and more!

Of course, the cunning Arashi found out about our heroes' treasure and his corrupt bosses sent him out to steal it! In this part, we are being treated to an endless chase and show of gadgetry. There would be a show of skills and cool fighting scenes between Raizo and Arashi. 

Ah well~ that is how the plot would go. As for the ending, I leave it as a mystery to be seen only in the movies! LOL! I think I will like this movie that I will star in! Double LOL! And when I do, I will watch it with a yummy popcorn in hand to make it more enjoyable!

Check our their FB Page here:
Watching movies is incomplete without popcorn! Kettle Korn is the perfect movie buddy! The aroma alone is enough for you to crave! And on each every bite pops crispiness and a burst of flavor! Not only do you get to enjoy the movie, you also enjoy Kettle Korn because it's just poppin' fun all the time!

Friday, May 10, 2013

[Review] iWhite Korea Whitening Pack

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Because of my love for face masks, I decided to try out different varieties of it. There are a lot to choose from: we have the traditional facial mask, mud packs, peeling masks, and more!   

I saw this sachet of iWhite Korea Whitening Pack when I passed by a department store. After a moment of looking and examining it, I decided to give it a try. What made me? Its cheap price of PhP22.00 per sachet. Its lesser compared to facial masks which costs around PhP50.00 - PhP60.00.

This product is a peel-off mask. The kind that hardens on your face and then you peel if off. Honestly, it was my first time to use such a version of mask that I didn't know what to expect or how to use it. So I read the instructions at the back of the sachet. 

It just said to apply the sticky white liquid on your face, and make sure to avoid the eyes, nose, and mouth areas. I did exactly that, but I put some on my nose as well. I also avoided the eyebrows area. On applying, I tapped the liquid on my face and smoothed out on the chin and hairline boundaries. 

I like the feel of the product of on my face! It gave out an instant cooling sensation which relieved all the stress I got for the day! It also smells nice, like a cool perfume scent. So I let it stay on my face until it totally dried up, which took me 30 minutes. Amazingly, the sticky liquid turned into a plastic-like thingy which clung to my skin! 

But I didn't know how to peel it off! The instruction said to start at the chin going upwards. Then I started to gently scratch the sides of the dried mask. When a portion started to peel off, I continued pulling up until I was able to completely remove it. And all along, feeling the tension on my face.  It hurt slightly, like removing adhesive tape on your skin. However, there were some residues left on the skin. Don't worry, just wash it off with water.

I examined the used mask afterwards, I saw a lot of impurities (like blackheads) there! My face felt squeaky clean! It gave me that dewy glow and instant whitening effect. I also noticed that some of my pimples dried up or shrunk in size. My cheeks also developed a rosy glow (I guess it was probably from the tension when I peeled the mask off.. LOL). 

And oh... would I be purchasing a full bottle? As a matter of fact, I already did, without second thoughts!

The full bottle costs PhP199.00
Being Made in Korea, this product made me believe in Korean cosmetics more! 

iWhite Korea is really made in Korea! 
All these good effects on my skin! I want to use this product as often, though the recommended usage is only two times a week! I'm so impressed with iWhite Korea Whitening Pack! It just proves that you don't have to buy expensive products for skin care! 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Gluta-C Haul from Sample Room

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My third set of samples include products from Gluta-C! Sample Room offered full-sized bottles for this! Yay! So I happily used my SR points to get them! The package was cute and I felt giddy upon opening it! It was like getting a surprise... though I already know what's inside! Hihihi~

My Gluta-C samples from Sample Room.
It is my first time to order Body Care samples. My previous hauls were mostly on facial care and fragrance. This time around, the products that I chose were the Body Scrub and Body Lotion. I was arguing with myself whether I should get the soap, too. But I ran out of points! So I got these two instead.

Gluta-C Body Scrub (40 SR points)

Gluta-C Body Lotion (45 SR Points)
I will start right away in using these samples! Glutathione, I know, is effective when taken internally in capsule form. But will it be just as effective when applied topically on the skin? Let's find out, shall we?

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