Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jamba Juice EDSA Shang is Now Blending!

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That's right guys! Another branch of my favorite smoothie brand, Jamba Juice, is now open at Shangri-la Plaza East Wing. It's in perfect timing too! The scorching heat of the summer sun makes me crave for ice cold fresh smoothie! 

I'm so honored and happy to have been invited to the pre-opening event which happened on April 24, 2013. 

Jamba Juice at EDSA Shangri-la East Wing
And what a treat! I was given this medium sized Berry Banana smoothie on the house! I chose this because I haven't tried this variant yet. I was curious why it is one of the bestsellers. 

It was my first time to try Berry Banana smoothie!
After a short break with that yummy smoothie, I was invited by the Jamba Juice Ambassadors for a tour and to blend my own drink! Yay! The person who taught me was Majoy! She is cute and perky! And she volunteered to take photos for me! Yay!

I never thought that I would be able to wear the Jamba Juice apron and cap! I so love it! It made me feel like a pro. LOL! 
Me... wearing the Jamba Juice black apron and cap!
Majoy asked me to choose a drink on the menu. I was wondering whether I should pick a new drink to try or just go with my usual smoothie. My favorite of all favorites was the limited edition Berry Bitten smoothie, but it was not available on the menu anymore. In the end, I decided that it would be better for me to know how my current favorite, Strawberries Wild, is made. 

So many smoothies so little time...
The  first ingredient in Strawberries Wild is Apple-Banana juice (if I remember correctly). Now I know what those juices at the back of the counter is for. 

Healthy juices in Jamba Juice.
Adding yogurt was next. I have forgotten what flavor it was... but it was the yogurt at the center of the picture below. It was so creamy! 

Yummy yogurts at Jamba Juice.

Next would be putting fruits! As I have made this smoothie by hand, I realized how fresh the ingredients are. Each fruit is frozen as hard as rock to preserve all the nutrients. As a result, I had a hard time scooping out the strawberries and bananas for my smoothie. 

These fruits are frozen to preserve all the goodness!

But of course! I just had to have a picture of me putting all these ingredients! I hope I get to do this again soon!

The fun part is next! Adding shaved ice! Pros at Jamba Juice toss the ice on air and then catch it! I wanted to try it too! But at first I failed. The kind staff offered me help! Yay! They toss the ice on air while I  catch it. I succeeded at the third try. I could have had put the shaved ice without a toss, but where's the fun in that? 

This is how they do it! Look at that ball of ice on air (near the light bulb).
Then it was time to blend everything! They must have awesome blenders for it to rip all those frozen hard-as-rock fruits!

Look mom! I used a blender!
Finally, I put in the final touches! Majoy taught me the art of transferring the smoothie to a Jamba Juice paper cup, and then the creative way of putting straw. There! It's done!

Putting the straw with a BIG smile!
Yay! I finally got to know how to make my own Strawberries Wild! The Jamba Juice ambassadors gave me a round of applause! Awww... so sweet of them! I would like to give a very special thanks to my partner Majoy! She is great!

Me and Majoy. :) 
My cup of Strawberries Wild, if I were to rate it with my critique self, was average. It's creamier and yummier when the pros make it.  I guess I need more practice, eh. 

My handmade Stawberries Wild. :)
While enjoying my drink, Ms. Sharon T. Fuentebella, Managing Director of Jamba Juice Philippines, welcomed us to this pre-opening event. She told us about Jamba Juice's mission of bringing healthy food choices to the people. And that as you enjoy each cup, you also know that you are doing something good to your body. I couldn't agree more! 

Ms. Sharon T. Fuentebella of Jamba Juice Philippines giving a welcoming speech.
It was nice to see Ms. Fuentebella and the people behind Jamba Juice. I'm so happy that they brought this brand to our country. 

I explored the store afterwards. It's more than just smoothies! They also offer snacks, Jamba Juice items, and of course... my favorite free photobooth!

Healthy snack options available.

Oh look at those gorgeous items for sale... and that photobooth wall!
What makes Jamba Juice stores a standout among its competitors is the good vibes you get upon entering the store! They have friendly and cheerful staff! I feel so special and happy! Not only do I get to enjoy the drink, I get to have more positive energy from the people too! 

Smiles for me! 
They serve your drink with a smile!
Tasty smoothies, healthy food, free photo booth, and good positive vibes! There are a lot of things to like about Jamba Juice! Visit a store now to experience it! My favorite branches include Bonifacio High Street, Robinson's Midtown, SM Mall of Asia, and now... Shangri-la Plaza East Wing! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

[Review] Candy Crush Saga

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I am way behind the Candy Crush addiction! Even if I just started playing last Friday, I find myself facing the game every now and then. I'm not new to games of this genre, so I can say that I am not addicted to it... yet. 

The game is in my Samsung S3 Mini phone. The AMOLED screen makes the colors more vibrant and it is a plus on the graphics side. The music and sound effects are very perky and lively. It makes you think of sweet childhood memories of you eating candy or that day when you went to the carnival. However, it gets repetitive as you move along. 

Candy Crush on my phone.

What makes this game different from the Match Three genre is the challenge it poses. Instead of getting players to achieve a high score in a certain amount of time, it sets puzzles like limited number of moves or bringing the fruits down. I'm still on level 20's but trust me, the puzzles are so hard! It provokes you to think logically in order to finish your goal.

A difficult puzzle to finish... just fifteen moves! 
On the negative side, you need to buy some 'lives' and 'boosters'. It is not needed to progress in the game but... life would be easier if you have it. Another option for you to have those is to get your Facebook friends to send it to you. 

Speaking of Facebook friends, I see another reason why people get addicted to this game! It is all about competition, too! Here, you will see your friends' level in the game and you will be challenged to do better than them! I like~~

Get competitive with your Facebook friends!
Will be staying in the game? For sure I will! The concept is so cute! It lets you travel to Candy Town, Candy Factory, Lemonade Lake, and so much more! Hmmm... Just how many levels are there to conquer, anyway? 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

[Review] Naruto: Road to Ninja

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Road to Ninja movie poster.
I missed the first ten minutes of this movie because I attended the 2013 Ozine Fest! It is not my first time to be late in a cinema but I regretted it. I mean, Naruto, one of my favorite anime, is showing in the big screen! How could I have been late?

This movie is still in anime format. The language is in Japanese but the subtitles are big enough to read on the big screen. We follow the Naruto Shippuden arc where the hero, Naruto, is all mature. The plot of Road to Ninja is independent of the series. But seeing this movie will give you a deeper perspective of Naruto's character and history. 

Road to Ninja is about Naruto (of course) who suddenly encounters Madara. The villain uses his Sharingan to trap Naruto and Sakura in a world of illusion that he created. Now our heroes need to find their way out. However, Madara has a hidden ulterior motive that will put them to the test. 

This movie balances comedy and drama. Thus, it will take you to a roller coaster ride of emotions. The humor will make you laugh your heart out. But when the sad situations start to kick in, you will hold back tears, or even cry. Furthermore, this movie presented extraordinary action scenes and continuous twists. Just when you thought everything is fine, another adversity appears... then another and another. Add the surprise element to that!

Character development focuses a little on Sakura and more on Naruto. For those who don't follow the series regularly, this movie is a big help. It gave an in depth understanding of Sakura and Naruto's attitudes and life stories. 

The sounds, animation, and character design stays true to the manga version. There is still the lighting-like sound of rasengan, or the clanging sounds of kunai and shuriken! The mangaka/creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, has been active in the development of this movie after all. Because of that, Road to Ninja didn't disappoint fans. 

The run time of this movie is approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes. You should watch this! It is worth your time and money! Oh! Make sure you come on time... I think the first 10 minutes was full of action scenes! And I missed that! Argh~~

Movie Poster: 5 stars (even the poster tells the summary of the movie in one go! Bravo!)
Sounds: 5 stars
Animation: 5 stars
Plot: 5 stars
Overall: 5 STARS

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Awesome Ozine Fest Day 3

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Finally! A 2013 anime event that I enjoyed! Ozine Fest 2013 was held in SM Megamall Megatrade Hall last April 12, 13, and 14. I only attended day 3. Thankfully, most of my friends went on this day too! 

This year's Ozine Fest featured a lot of happenings. There were artists' booth, a horror booth, and a special meet n' greet session with Aza Miyuko. However, the large volume of people who came made it impossible for me to be able to explore these various activities. Argh~~ The place was so packed that I couldn't even walk freely, let alone take decent photos. 

I went cosplaying as Rei Ayanami of Neon Genesis Evangelion. This Sachiel cosplayer was the first person to see me and he waved at me! I know Sachiel is a villain in the series but... the cosplayer was so cute in it!

From left: Me as Rei with a Sachiel cosplayer.
Even if the place was so crowded, I still took the effort to take photos of cosplayers who were there. I took pictures of my friends too. They're the reason why I enjoyed this day so much! 

Cosplayer Reverie Metherlance.

as Kagamine Rin..

as Captain America.

Cosplayers having fun. Reeve Castillo as Hiroshi Inaba.

Cosplayer James Paolo Angeles as Kaede Rukawa.

as Killua from Hunter X Hunter.

Cosplayer Lot D 

Cosplayer Ken Lim as Law from Tekken.

Joanna Corpuz as Madoka.

as Sailor Saturn

Cosplayers from the anime Fairy Tail.

Cosplayer Jerome Velarde as Gray from Fairy Tail.

as Kakashi from the anime Naruto

Cosplayer Ayu Dagger

Cosplayer Phillipp Kun as Sora.

as Baby Doll from Sucker Punch

Cosplayer Nana Aoi

My favorite cosplayer of the day is... the Sachiel cosplayer from earlier! His costume is accurate and he is scary from afar! Besides, I was happy to see a character from Evangelion, too! 

The Sachiel cosplayer is my favorite!

Is it just me? Or the cosplayers have gotten more creative? I love to see people cosplay. They make me happy. If it weren't for the packed venue, I could have enjoyed this event even more! Oh! I heard next year's Ozine Fest will be held in SMX Convention Center! Yes, more spaces to move and to conquer! 

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