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Jamba Juice EDSA Shang is Now Blending!

That's right guys! Another branch of my favorite smoothie brand, Jamba Juice , is now open at Shangri-la Plaza East Wing. It's in perfect timing too! The scorching heat of the summer sun makes me crave for ice cold fresh smoothie!  I'm so honored and happy to have been invited to the pre-opening event which happened on April 24, 2013.  Jamba Juice at EDSA Shangri-la East Wing And what a treat! I was given this medium sized Berry Banana smoothie on the house! I chose this because I haven't tried this variant yet. I was curious why it is one of the bestsellers.  It was my first time to try Berry Banana smoothie! After a short break with that yummy smoothie, I was invited by the Jamba Juice Ambassadors for a tour and to blend my own drink! Yay! The person who taught me was Majoy! She is cute and perky! And she volunteered to take photos for me! Yay! I never thought that I would be able to wear the Jamba Juice apron and cap! I so love it! It made me feel

[Review] Candy Crush Saga

I am way behind the Candy Crush addiction! Even if I just started playing last Friday, I find myself facing the game every now and then. I'm not new to games of this genre, so I can say that I am not addicted to it... yet.  The game is in my Samsung S3 Mini phone. The AMOLED screen makes the colors more vibrant and it is a plus on the graphics side. The music and sound effects are very perky and lively. It makes you think of sweet childhood memories of you eating candy or that day when you went to the carnival. However, it gets repetitive as you move along.  Candy Crush on my phone. What makes this game different from the Match Three genre is the challenge it poses. Instead of getting players to achieve a high score in a certain amount of time, it sets puzzles like limited number of moves or bringing the fruits down. I'm still on level 20's but trust me, the puzzles are so hard! It provokes you to think logically in order to finish your goal. A difficult puzzle

[Review] Naruto: Road to Ninja

Road to Ninja movie poster. I missed the first ten minutes of this movie because I attended the 2013 Ozine Fest ! It is not my first time to be late in a cinema but I regretted it. I mean, Naruto, one of my favorite anime, is showing in the big screen! How could I have been late? This movie is still in anime format. The language is in Japanese but the subtitles are big enough to read on the big screen. We follow the Naruto Shippuden arc where the hero, Naruto, is all mature. The plot of Road to Ninja is independent of the series. But seeing this movie will give you a deeper perspective of Naruto's character and history.  Road to Ninja is about Naruto ( of course ) who suddenly encounters Madara. The villain uses his Sharingan to trap Naruto and Sakura in a world of illusion that he created. Now our heroes need to find their way out. However, Madara has a hidden ulterior motive that will put them to the test.  This movie balances comedy and drama. Thus, it will take you to

Awesome Ozine Fest Day 3

Finally! A 2013 anime event that I enjoyed! Ozine Fest 2013 was held in SM Megamall Megatrade Hall last April 12, 13, and 14. I only attended day 3. Thankfully, most of my friends went on this day too!  This year's Ozine Fest featured a lot of happenings. There were artists' booth, a horror booth, and a special meet n' greet session with Aza Miyuko. However, the large volume of people who came made it impossible for me to be able to explore these various activities. Argh~~ The place was so packed that I couldn't even walk freely, let alone take decent photos.  I went cosplaying as Rei Ayanami of Neon Genesis Evangelion. This Sachiel cosplayer was the first person to see me and he waved at me! I know Sachiel is a villain in the series but... the cosplayer was so cute in it! From left: Me as Rei with a Sachiel cosplayer. Even if the place was so crowded, I still took the effort to take photos of cosplayers who were there. I took pictures of my friends too