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Meeting Liz of Project Vanity

I woke up early today and planned to just be online and blog the day away. However, I saw on my Facebook news feed that Liz of Project Vanity would be having a bloggers meet up on this day! Since I didn't have anything to do, I changed all my plans and head off to Bonifacio High Street to see this wonderful person. 

I went to this event by myself and in the venue, I didn't know anyone. I was silent the whole time and I observed the people. I could tell that the participants, especially those who were on the guest list, where beauty bloggers. They were fashionable and beautiful girls of all ages! It was a nice experience to finally get to know them.

When I was given a name tag, I finally felt like belonging to the crowd! Plus, the red velvet cupcakes helped a lot!

My name tag in cute pink shade.

Red Velvet cupcakes were given out.
At around 3PM, the event started with Ms. Karrots hosting the show. She was funny and witty! Everybody loved her sense of humor! She introduced us to Ms. Liz and we gave her a round of applause.

From left: Ms. Karrots and Ms. Liz

Ms. Liz welcomed everybody to this event.
The first part was a makeup demonstration on how to do a simple yet dramatic look that can be worn day or night. Ms. Liz used products from Fairydrops and K-Palette and we saw how wonderful these were! 

Ms. Liz used Fairy Drops and K-Palette for the makeup demo.
Fairydrops BB Cream was used as the makeup base. She told us to apply it with a downward motion on the face. I could see instantly how flawless the girl's face had become afterwards:

Ms. Liz applying foundation on the volunteer.
I am looking for the best eye concealer and Ms. Liz had the answer. She recommended the one from K-Palette. The package was in a cute bear print and Japanese characters were on it.

Ms. Liz putting on the eye concealer.
Lastly, I will never forget Ms. Liz tip on using the mascara. She told us that any brand of mascara is able to pull off that falsies look by just swiping it in vertical strokes. Hmmm... I will try it out soon and see if it will work with my brand.

Fairydrops mascara was used in this.
Here is the result of that makeup demo:

The beautiful result! 
Next was a short inspiring talk by Ms. Nelly of Pink Box. She told us to like what we do and to have that can-do attitude. Seeing her was inspiring too! She radiated that aura of positivism.

Learning life's lessons from Ms. Nelly.
Before ending the event, all of us were treated to the cute sight of Snaps! 

Ms. Liz's pet, Snaps.
I went around and took pics with Ms. Liz and Ms. Karrots, too. I hope next time, I will see familiar faces and have new friends in this bloggers circle. 

A picture of the participants.

With Ms. Liz.
 I got this token of GC's from Ms. Liz! I really love the personal handwritten note. 

GCs from Ms. Liz.

This Saturday went well after all. I learned a lot about makeup and life from one of the country's top beauty blogger. I hope to see Ms. Liz and everyone else in future Project Vanity events!


Ferretti shoes said…
Thanks for dropping by! <3

Angel Mariel said…
Yay! Thanks for visiting my blog, Ms. Liz! :) I hope to see you again soon! :)

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