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BB Cream Swap in Kiehl's

I went to Kiehl's earlier today and had my BB Cream swapped. They are having this swap as long as supplies last, I guess. The poster below doesn't tell the time frame. Take note that the value of your BB Cream should be PhP500 and up to qualify. Click to enlarge. Well, I have a lot of BB Creams because I experiment on the best one for my skin type. So I picked one from my collection. In exchange for it, I got a 5mL sample of Kiehl's Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream. The sales assistant gave me the light shade. I was surprised since she didn't ask about my skin color. But after swatching some on my skin, the color blended well.   Here is my picture of it. Sorry for the artsy photo. I got overly excited since I joined Instagram ( follow me: myangelmariel ). LOL! I will post a clean photo free of effects on my review post about this product soon.  My 5mL sample of Kiehl's BB Cream. Here is a photo of the full bottle from the Kiehl's FB

Celebrate Easter at the Sky Dome

SM City North EDSA invites all of you to come and celebrate Easter at the Sky Dome! Kids and kids-at-heart are all welcome to join. All you need to do is purchase at least PhP500 in any SM North EDSA stores. See poster below (click to enlarge). Here are some activities that the kids and family will surely enjoy: Live Bunny Meet and Greet, Hop Meet and Greet, Bunny Hop Race, Easter Costume Contest , Easter Egg Hunt, and Easter Mascot Parade.  Aside from these, there will also be fun booths which include Face Paint, Photobooth, Cake and Easter Egg Decoration.  I'm so excited that I can't wait for Easter! I love mascots, food, and photos! Hmmm... and I think I'm young enough to join in the games too! LOL! For more information, visit the SM North EDSA official Facebook page: ...or follow them on Twitter: ...or Instagram:

The First Ever BDJ Box Beauty Social

The BDJ Box Beauty Social was held on March 24, 2013 at SM Mall of Asia Atrium.    It was an event filled with fun and about being truly beautiful inside and out. There were lots of activity booths which catered to makeup and skin care. As I mentioned in my previous post , there were also various talks to attend.  The cute and creative event passport! Lots of participant headed on to the SM MoA Atrium With my growing interest in makeup, I saw to it that I would get an invite to the talks! I was very happy that I got to attend two topics!  The first one was Bond with the BDJ Box Beauty Ministry . It was a Q and A portion with Ms. Tara Cabullo, Ms. Kate Alvarez, and Ms. Nicole Romero. They answered to our questions about skin care, makeup and lipsticks, and maintaining hair color.  We had  a very informative chit chat with beauty experts!  I learned a lot from them, especially when it comes to hair. With Ms. Kate's advice, I will also try out different products and t

So Undercover Movie Screening

I watched the movie So Undercover last Thursday with my fellow bloggers, courtesy of adidas NEO and Nuffnang Philippines . I saw a lot of fashionable people there. Oh, I forgot that the concept of this movie is about style. Me? I came from work so whatever I was wearing was all I got. Ha! I told you I am the utilitarian type .  I won two tickets but I went alone and kept the other one. The screening was held at Shang Cineplex One.  My tickets! :) The view from my seat.  So Undercover is a movie that I never thought I would like. The main character is Molly Morris (played by Miley Cyrus). She is a smart and tomboyish girl who does not care about makeup and fashion. That is, until the FBI hires her to go undercover in a sorority full of girly girls.  At the beginning of the movie, watching Molly made me think that this girl is like me. I am without a care for style and move with boyish stance. I can definitely relate with her!  However, despite me being not so femi

Rain Cloud Pilipinas Is Now Live!

As inspiration flows like a river, I have made another blog especially dedicated to Rain. This will contain related articles about him. Other than that, I will also post some Rain-inspired art, photos, videos, and write ups by his fans.  Visit my new blog at: The name is such because I wanted to show how Rain is loved by his fans, officially called The Cloud. So, I put the two together in one title. Pilipinas is included to indicate that this site is based here in the Philippines.  I'm really scared at how this page will be accepted by people. I am reminded at how I started this myangelmariel blog. It's always like this at the start, there is fear and doubt. I hope that this will eventually gain a strong following as much as my personal blog!  This new blog is my gift to Rain, who inspired me to be a better person, both in heart and soul.  Feel fee to visit Rain Cloud Pilipinas and tell me how I can further improve it! 

Excited for So Undercover

I won another round of tickets to the movie screening of So Undercover courtesy of Nuffnang Philippines and adidas NEO . I joined their contest on  how I express my personality through style . Actually, I didn't expect to win because I only sport utilitarian clothes. This is a surprise to me and I am very happy for this!  The invitation I got from Nuffnang PH I have not read the synopsis of this movie. I think I will like this movie because it will be full of pink! Hmmm... It's time for me to pick up some girly styles, too!

Mentholatum Lip Ice Sheer Lip Balm

When I passed by the cosmetics section of a department store last week, I came upon Lip Ice. I know this lip balm from my friend Helen's Lucky Citrine blog. She likes this product very much. So, I paused for a minute to take a good look. And OMG! When I saw the logo of Mentholatum on it, I knew I was going to buy it! I didn't know that Lip Ice is a product of this brand.  Lip Ice sheer color lip balm. PhP145 This Mentholatum logo!  I bought it without second thoughts. Why?  (Photo credits to the owner. Please see watermarks) Yes, Rain endorses MENtholatum in China! He promotes the whole men's skin care line and exclusively for Mentholatum China. Too bad it's not available here in our country.  I know this Lip Ice lip balm is for girls.  But what the heck! It is still the same Mentholatum brand!  Hihihihi  So back to the topic... I took a minute to read everything about it. It suddenly became interesting to me.  Some information at the ba

Explore Philippine Culture in Mabuhay Restop Cafe

Mabuhay Restop is a restaurant located near Rizal Park and Manila Ocean Park. I found this cafe very unique as it lets you explore the culture, places, and food in the Philippines!  Mabuhay Restop Cafe. Being Filipino, I am already familiar with our culture. However, the overall concept of this cafe made me appreciate it more. The moment you enter the door, you will see Filipino inspired decorations and furniture. This cafe is all about being Filipino!  The cafe is Filipino inspired. I first approached the souvenir shop ( shopping as always! ). They sold products made by local manufacturers and from Gawad Kalinga. What caught my attention were the artisan chocolates by Theo&Philo. I never thought I would see Dark Chocolate with Siling Labuyo (Dark Chocolate with Red Hot Chili Peppers.... hehehe ). I wonder what it would taste like.  The souvenir shop in Mabuhay Restop Cafe.  The Theo and Philo artisan chocolates. Dark Chocolate with Siling Labuyo.  T