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BDJ Rendezvous: Wellness Work-Up

The first 2013 Belle de Jour Rendezvous was held on February 23, 2013 at Ace Water Spa, Pasig.  Themed as Wellness Work-Up, it gave Bellas that much needed push to pursue a healthy lifestyle inside and out. The venue was the same one for the BDJ Rendezvous I Dream Therefore I Can and Dare, Believe, Become, for the years 2011 and 2012, respectively. I couldn't believe that it has been three years that I have attended this event. 

The theme for the first BDJ Rendezvous of 2013: Wellness Work-Up.
When I got inside, I saw a row of tarpaulins from the sponsors being displayed, the gorgeous 'stage', and the bags of goodies at the side which would be the prizes for the raffles and games. 
The front stage.

Look at all these goodies!
It was full house in the Podium Hall of Ace Water Spa! When I got there, I was happy... I saw new Bellas and I got reunited with ones who became my close friends because of Belle de Jour. 

That's me smiling at the camera with the rest of the BDJ girls. Photo by Joey Bayan.
Our lovely and bubbly host for this year was none other than Ms. Jasmine Mendiola! It was nice to see her in front again! 

Our host Ms. Jasmine Mendiola. 
Two games were held at the start of the event. Courageous Bellas ran on stage to answer the Bring Me game and of course... get prizes. One thing I have learned with attending BDJ Rendezvous for three years: be fast, be brave, be assertive. 

These Bellas won prizes from Bauhaus during the Bring Me game.
After the games and the first round of raffle, the first speaker was introduced. Ms. Vania Romoff, a top fashion designer in the Philippines, gave a talk about the incoming trends for the year. She looked good in her outfit which was so in  for 2013! Ms. Romoff was very lady-like in her movements and voice. I couldn't help but admire her! She gave us a lot of information for the 2013 trends: Black and White, Ruffles, Stripes, Tunic over Trousers, Lace Dresses, and the newest Peek-a-Boo. My favorite is the Kimono Robe inspired pieces because I am drawn to Japanese culture. 

Ms. Romoff talked about the 2013 fashion trends. 
The very lady-like stance of Ms. Romoff.

A summary of the 2013 fashion trends. 
After Ms. Romoff's talk was another round of games and raffle! And yay! I won a gorgeous pair of shoes from Free Fish! What a lucky day! I liked it so much I wore it right away! 

I won this in the raffle! 

I wore it right then and there! So cute!
The next part was the reason why I signed up for this event: the stress management talk that I really need. Ms. Ducky Villanueva, an instructor from John Robert Powers, showed us how to identify stress and cope with it. She said that stress will always be there and that it is a matter of perception. We need to accept it and deal with it positively. Furthermore, she taught us laughing, breathing, and physical exercises to ease the burden resulting from stress.

Ms. Ducky Villanueva on stress management.

Focus is one of the solutions to stress.

Some activities you can do when you are stressed.
After the two speakers, it was time for a short break! Bellas line up for the buffet served by Ace Coffee Lounge. Tea Sandwich (Ham and Chicken), Pasta Puttanesca, Buffalo Chicken Wings, Brownies, and Red Tea were served. The food was delicious! My favorite is the Buffalo Chicken Wings. It balanced the overpowering flavor of the pasta. 

Tea Sandwich

Pasta Puttanesca

Buffalo Chicken Wings

What perfect timing! Just after the break, the talk was about eating right, working out, and having your best body ever! Ms. Lara Parpan, editor-in-chief of Women's Health magazine, was our speaker for this topic. She emphasized that working out and diet go hand in hand. I have learned a lot of things from her... like eating an hour before hitting the gym and eating right after a working out session. Skipping breakfast is a no-no, doing so will tell our body to release the stress hormone called Cortisol which saves fat in our body. Lastly, for someone like me with concerns of the belly, she told us that Pilates is the best exercise for a flat tummy. 

Ms. Lara Parpan on being fit and well.

Here are some tips for a healthy lifestyle.

Here is the best exercise out there.
The last speaker of the day was Ms.Ellaine of Black Beauty. She shared with us the secret to beautiful hair with Black Beauty Products. 

Ms. Ellaine of Black Beauty Philippines
Hair cuticle coat for that shiny hair.
A Black Beauty pass the message game was next! I joined in along with four other Bellas and... we won! Yay! 

Hazel and my teammates for the pass the message game.

We won this gift pack from Black Beauty. Love the message on this!
A last round of raffle marked the end of the day. Before going home, I went around and caught up with my fellow Bellas for some pictures. Till we meet again, girls! 

My fellow Bellas and our loot! 
And here is our loot for the day....

What's in the loot bag? 
It was a day well spent! The learning, the food, and the people were all lovely! I always get this feeling of happiness and positive energy after attending a BDJ event! Thank you, Darlyn, Jasmine, Candice, Eds, Hazel, and the rest of the BDJ Team who I know by face (I hope to know your name soon!).


Karen corpuz said…
be fast, be brave,! it was my first time there..
Angel Mariel said…
Hi Karen! Yep... that is true. :) BDJ events taught me that. LOL

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