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What Love Is

I know the month of February is at its end. However, inspiration just hit me this week! Now here I am posting about love.  The source of this sudden burst of creativity is a song entitled 'What Love Is' . I have been hearing this song for a while now, but being in Korean, I didn't understand it. The music and the rhythm is nice. When I came upon the English translation of this song, I realized that the lyrics are heartwarming too.  This time, the creative output came in the form of a video. I didn't want a music analysis just like Love Story . I just wanted a video of the song's English meaning with random photos of love in general. Of course, I had  to put pictures of him who I admire.  The song is only about 3 minutes long, but I spent more than three hours on this! Searching for photos, editing, and putting on animations is harder than I thought. Following my first fan video , this is the second one that I made. Well, I am happy that I can practice a little

My Shiseido Haul from Sample Room

Sample Room had this mystery product that kept us wondering for weeks! This product claimed to whiten and clear skin of blemishes effectively. I was also excited to know all about it. First few users had said positive results. Being curious, I checked the Sample Room website every now and then to see updates about it.  Luckily, I was online on the evening of February 21 when they revealed this mystery product. Samples were taken in lightning speed. I think it was only 15 minutes or so when the samples ran out. Of course, before that happened, I was able to grab mine.  The Sample Room mystery product is:  Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum + Power Brightening Mask I used up 102 points on this. After two working days, my much awaited package has arrived. There was a bonus of Celeteque Makeup Remover Wipes sample in the haul, too! My Shiseido Sample Room haul, plus Celeteque Makeup Remover Wipes. Shiseido Intensive Spot Targeting Serum sample (9mL)

[Review] Magnum Ice Cream Chocolate and Strawberry Flavor

New Magnum Ice Cream flavors were out this month (I think). When I headed to the nearest convenience store, I found two new ones: Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate & Strawberry . I grabbed the latter because I didn't crave for too much chocolate that day.  This Magnum came in with the usual royal packaging with strawberry prints on the side. It is cute, by the way.  Magnum Chocolate & Strawberry Flavor The cute strawberry print on the side According to the label, this Magnum flavor is... Vanilla flavoured ice cream with strawberry ripple coated with chocolate. The definition of the Magnum True enough, the definition was what this ice cream was all about. It is coated with chocolate and vanilla ice cream inside it. The strawberry ripples were a disappointment to me. I think this one is obviously artificially flavored. There were no berry ' seeds ' present. The strawberry flavor is too sweet but the vanilla ice cream balances it. The Belgian chocol

BDJ Rendezvous: Wellness Work-Up

The first 2013 Belle de Jour Rendezvous was held on February 23, 2013 at Ace Water Spa, Pasig.  Themed as Wellness Work-Up, it gave Bellas that much needed push to pursue a healthy lifestyle inside and out.  The venue was the same one for the BDJ Rendezvous I Dream Therefore I Can and Dare, Believe, Become , for the years 2011 and 2012, respectively. I couldn't believe that it has been three years that I have attended this event.  The theme for the first BDJ Rendezvous of 2013: Wellness Work-Up. When I got inside, I saw a row of tarpaulins from the sponsors being displayed, the gorgeous 'stage', and the bags of goodies at the side which would be the prizes for the raffles and games.  The front stage. Look at all these goodies! It was full house in the Podium Hall of Ace Water Spa!  When I got there, I was happy... I saw new Bellas and I got reunited with ones who became my close friends because of Belle de Jour.  That's me smiling at the camera wi

The New Nokia LUMIA 920, 820, and 620

Despite the tough smartphone competitions between brands, I have been a loyal Nokia user since my first phone... which was Nokia 3210. It eventually evolved into Nokia 3100 and now, I use the Xpress Music 5800. Still, I'm looking for new updates and releases from this brand. My latest visit from Abenson Glorietta has enlightened me on the latest phone to purchase in the future.  Abenson Glorietta LUMIA 620, LUMIA 820, and LUMIA 920 is the latest from Nokia. The store representative, Faye, told me more about what these phones can do. She gave me a walk through of the specifications and features of each.  From left: Nokia LUMIA 920 and LUMIA 820, LUMIA 620 not on display. Aside from the fast facts shown above, there are also apps that were to my liking. Like the People Hub, where I can sync in my Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. I could post, reply, and comment from there without downloading the official site apps.  Aside from that, I also

Beautiful Mornings

Being a person who likes to sleep and relax, waking up to an alarm is a no-no. I use my phone as the alarm clock. The ringing sounds and tones just kills me every morning! I hate being disturbed from dreamland. There is this one wish I always had: to wake up every morning without an alarm. To just wake up because I have finished my hours of sleep.  But reality bites and I need to wake up early... like very early. Waking up to beautiful mornings with an alarm clock was rare.... until.... "It is great to wake up every morning because your handsome face is what I see first."  Ah! Game changer! When before I frown when I press the snooze button, now I smile... but still presses the snooze button. LOL! Happiness really comes in simple and small packages. I wake up with a smile now and guess what, it brings great joy all throughout the day!  #WaitingforRain

My Happy Ever After

Hi, everyone! Pardon this blog post as it is not the usual event coverage, product reviews, or random things. I recently joined a story writing contest organized by Tony Moly Philippines in time for Valentine's day. The contest requires the participants to write a story based on the format given and post it on their Facebook wall. However, I was worried that my version would be too long and Facebook would run out of characters. So, I opted to also post this in my blog for an easy read.  If you want to join the contest, check out the details on this link . Photos in this post were taken from the Tony Moly Philippines and JYJ Philippines Facebook pages. I'm trying out my chance on this. It's been a long long time since my story writing days. But I am so inspired with JYJ that I couldn't help the flow of words. *Hihihi* So let's start... CHAPTER 1 “The next lucky girl is… HyoRin!” shouted Liam, the host of the TV Show “Meet Your Match”