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Watching Faith

What would you do if a man from the past (like literally!) suddenly comes out of nowhere... stalks you... then does the unthinkable thing: he kidnaps you and takes you to his own time? Now that has been a question that have been lingering in my head for sometime. Whenever I watch dramas or movies, I see to it that I put myself in the character's shoes.  I have been watching the latest Korean Drama by Lee Min Ho entitled Faith (aka Great Doctor ). After his recent visit here in Manila , I have been having post event hang-overs. So I have decided to watch Faith in order to satisfy my fangirliness .   The official poster of Faith. Photo taken from I am not really into historical dramas. The plots in this kind are mostly serious and heavy. The scripts are also politically inclined and filled with metaphors, allusions, and allegories. It requires you to analyze and read between the lines --something that I am not good at. If done in movies, it is

Another Free Ticket

I got another surprise before going home last Monday! As I was about to leave the office, a colleague gave out two free tickets to the special advanced screening of Trouble With The Curve. My initial reaction was excitement! Yay! Another free ticket! It's my second free movie this month, after winning tickets to Breaking Dawn Part 2 ! The ticket to the special advanced screening. That colleague and I were not close friends. We are the type to see each other everyday but we belong to different departments. Apparently, the tickets were given by another employee who gave it to her. She probably didn't have the time to watch the movie. So, in turn, she gave them away... and one of it went to me! I am a control freak and I'm not so good at handling abrupt changes in schedule. My colleague told me, "Here are free tickets to the movie TONIGHT.". Anyway, I accepted the ticket because it's for free! I love freebies! Besides, the movie starred Justin Timberlake

A Year of Cosplay

Today, November 27, 2012, marks my first anniversary of cosplaying! It feels that I just had my cosplay debut yesterday! Time sure flies when you're having fun! Sakura Haruno was the character that I chose. I never thought that I would be portraying her for a year. However, my cosplay is still far from perfection. There are some things that only experience can teach us.  Here is my cosplay journey in pictures...   I would never forget the first event that I attended as a cosplayer: the  2011 Pinoy Otaku Encore . I went to this event not knowing where to start. Until people approached me for a photo. Then everything went on smoothly.  See.. this is my first ever HD photo taken as a cosplayer. I am so grateful to for this! They caught me off guard!. I didn't even know how to pose so I just gave out the ever-popular peace sign. (^_^)v  My first HD photo courtesy of But on the next event, Otaku Expo 2012 , I knew how to pose a little better... uh

Have A Hello Kitty Christmas at SM North EDSA

It's Christmas again! This is the happiest and busiest season of the year! You get to have parties and gifts, while doing good to our neighbors at the same time. Do you have your wishlist ready? If not, check out what's in store in SM North EDSA ! They are having cuteness overload with Hello Kitty! I bet you will write Hello Kitty stuff on your wishlist once you see this beloved feline. An invitation for a Hello Kitty Christmas only at SM North EDSA. Other than the Hello Kitty attractions you will see, SM North EDSA also sells Hello Kitty items  for the home. My fellow bloggers and I attended a short seminar about decorating the home for the holidays. It was held in the Interior Zone lobby. The guest speaker was Mr. Jie Pambid, Director of Philippine School for Interior Design.  The stage for the seminar. Themed as Holiday Decorating 101, Mr. Pambid talked about the basic do's and don'ts of beautifying our houses for the season. Mr. Jie Pambid starts the