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The Best of Anime 2012: Cosplayers Galore

The cosplayers of the Best of Anime 2012 filled the room with much excitement! The costumes ranged from the simple school girl uniform to the complicated mecha. By the way, this event was held in SMX Convention Center on Sept. 15-16, 2012. I attended Day Two (Sept. 16) as I had another appointment with Belle de Jour on the 15th. Well, an active lifestyle does good!  Back to the topic... the Best of Anime 2012 had a lot of booths and activities for everybody! Read my previous post here . This blog entry is specially dedicated to the cosplayers. There were a lot who attended. Some I know personally, and others I saw for the first time. The popularity of cosplay really went up this year! As promised, here are the photos I took that drained the battery of my camera: Cosplayer Mayden Ong Cosplayer David Shen D'Angelo as Mr. Pogi Cosplayer Reeve Castillo as Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. Cosplayer Ralph Patrick Villaluz

Best of Anime 2012: Booths and Toys

When I attended this year's Best of Anime event, I couldn't help but to compare it with last year's Best of Anime 2011 . I remember that the place wasn't so much crowded and it was very spacious to walk around... even dance around. But for the year 2012, I saw a huge difference! There were more booths, more surprises, more people, and more cosplayers! It marked a huge price increase too, the one day ticket price was from PhP 120 last year to PhP190 this year!  For this post, I will be covering some of the event booths and toy exhibit. I only have one battery in my camera and I already had a lot of cosplayers photos (read more here ). Since I participated in some of the booths, I didn't have the time to see what was happening on stage. The Best of Anime stage.  My first booth stop was the Gundam Philippines Model Kits Caravan for my round of Gundam building and detailing ! Come to think of it, this is my second Gundam for 2012. I guess I am not as active a