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Vanilla Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

My Vanilla Sunshine "I've got Vanilla Sunshine on a cloudy day."  That song played in my mind when I saw my Vanilla Sunshine cupcake served elegantly on my table. What coincidence since it was a cloudy day too! I had the chance to drop by Serendra last June 28 for the BDJ Get Gorgeous event . After the workshop, I went to Cupcakes by Sonja to have taste of some of their great creations.  As always, numerous creative cupcakes were in line at the store. All of them looked sumptuous and sported unique names. I had a hard time choosing which one to buy. I saw Red Velvet Vixen , and remembered how unforgettable that was! However, I wanted to try a new variant this time.  With the suggestion of the crew girl named April, I bought Vanilla Sunshine. According to her, it is also one of their bestsellers. I can attest to that! I saw mugs and tumblers on display with Vanilla Sunshine print!  Few minutes later, April served my cupcake with pink frosting, though I also saw

My 100th Post

Yay! I have reached my 100th post! I would like to thank you all for reading my blog of various topics... from anime , cosplay , movies , food , to life's journey and almost anything under the sun! This blog has been my form of expression and I am very thankful that people, like you, read my articles. Looking back to my first post , I can see my improvement in writing. See, I didn't really study the English language and grammar as a full course. I just know the basics of writing from high school.  It is really true then. If you have a talent, continue to use it even if you think it's not good enough. Just move on and there will come a time that it will ripen. Don't give up even if others tell you that it's poorly done. In time, it will evolve to something that is beyond your expectations. The greatest reward that I get from this blog is to see the statistics that people read it. It inspires me to write more for you. Thank you very much! With that, let me s

[Review] The Dark Knight Rises

As you might have noticed, there is an ambiguity of the promotional poster of The Dark Knight Rises . RISE...The Dark Knight Rises... then a line at the bottom part is written: The Legend Ends .Isn't rising a precursor to a beginning? Yet why does the poster say 'ends' . That alone gave me more anticipation in watching this film, aside from the fact that I am a Batman fan .  The plot centers on Bruce Wayne, eight years later after he took the blame for Harvey Dent's death. His beloved Gotham now sees him as the criminal, except for a few who still continued to believe in him. Furthermore, he could not move on from the tragedy of his loved one and has become a recluse, much to the dismay of his loyal butler, Alfred.  Then another villain emerges and plans to destroy Gotham. Our hero dons again the bat costume in time to save the day... or night for that matter. However, time and hopelessness has made him weak. With that, he is forced to rediscover his life'

BDJ Passion Series: Get Gorgeous!

It might not be obvious but I like makeup! I started to love this art when I began to cosplay last year. I am still a newbie to say the least. So, when I found out the Belle de Jour Power Planner would be organizing an event that included makeup, I took the chance to get a slot. I just couldn't miss the opportunity to improve on my new hobby. The said event was held on June 30, 2012 at the Purebeauty retail store in Serendra! I braved the bad weather just to get to the place. I was overwhelmed by the number of brands that Purebeauty sells! They're high quality and trusted brands. I saw Revlon, Clairol Herbal Essences, Two-Faced, Make Up Designory, Shiseido, and more! It was a cosmetic heaven! The Purebeauty store at Serendra. Half of the space of  Purebeauty is the retail store and the other half is a small room where makeup classes of Make Up Designory is held. Make Up Designory is a prestigious makeup school in New York. Having stepped onto it's Manila branch

Jazminne Huang Gives Me A Sign

I always bring my copy of The Cosplay Snapshot Project photo book (published by ) in every cosplay event that I go to. One of my goals this year is to meet most, if not all, of the featured cosplayers in that publication. My other goal is to... well, have them sign it. :P (Shhh... I have a penchant for celebs!) Last Toy Con 2012 , I had the opportunity to see Jazminne Huang . I recognized her right away from the photo book, where she cosplayed Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Surrounded by photographers, I happily approached her.  Jazminne signs my photobook. Photo by Johannes Lastimoza She is the first cosplayer to sign my copy of The Cosplay Snapshot Project. I hope to have more cosplayer signs soon! :)