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The Epic 5th PCC

The 5th Philippine Cosplay Convention was held in Robinson's Midtown Atrium. It was a grand event for otakus everywhere. Most of all, it was a free event! Furthermore, the booths had freebies! Hmmm..... and free is good! :P The said event was held on March 3, 2012. I am not sure if this was a two-day event. But anyhow, I only attended day one.  The crowd at the start of the event. Photo by I arrived early and the first thing that I saw was the Gundam Caravan! Wheee~ My first freebie of the day! This time, Gundam Philippines offered the blue version of Gundam Astray. ( read more ). Free photo prints were also given out by Eurotel . Sadly, they weren't able to spot me. *cries* Here is the print, on it is my friend Lot. High Sierra Philippines also had a free photo booth for everyone! Sadly, I didn't get the chance to have one as well. But ah! Here are my friends on the photo. :) Photos of the contestants from Cosplay Costume of the Year were on d