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Sorry for Being a Closet Otaku (song by GUMI)

I still can't get over my cosplay debut. So here's a song stuck in my head. :) Credits as tagged. :) Taken from You Tube user lygerzero0zero

Sorry for being a closet otaku (GUMI)

it's finally time for my cosplay debut
South building on the roof, getting lots of attention
look this way please calls a camera kid
when I turned around it was a guy from my class
what are you doing in a place like this
that's what I should be asking you
I'm meeting somebody at the beach this weekend
If I recall, isnt'that what you said before?

we have a good laugh about it
I guess I wasn't careful today
But I hope you understand? now look
This is a secret just between the two of us
Please give me the courage to always
Be myself honestly like this
But I guess.... still
I'd rather this be kept a secret from the rest of the class
sorry for being a closet Otaku

I pull myself together and head off to my new job
Friend of mine's Akiba maid cafe
"welcome home, master!' I say
But when I looked up I saw it was my dad!
What are you doing in a place like this?
That's what I should be asking you!
I've got a meeting tonight, I'll be back late
Isn't that what you told mom this morning?

we have a good laugh about it
Today again I'm serving customers with all I've got
But I hope you understand? hey
This is a secret just between the two of us
Please give me times like this
when I can always talk freely
But I guess...still
I rather not give mom more to worry about
sorry for being a closet otaku

But I mean, in this day and age
Society is still harsh towards people like us
we have a good laugh about it
I guess I wasn't careful today
But I hope you understand? hey
This is a secret just between the two of us
Please give me the courage to always
Be myself honestly like this
But I guess... still
While I'm still like this, i can't reveal my secret yet!

What with everything, anyhow, a good day's work today
change into my pajamas, take a look at nico nico
when I check the popular videos
There was one of mom dancing in my school uniform


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