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Happy New Year To You!

The year 2012 was good year overall. Of course bad things still happened. I'm a naturally pessimistic person and little by little, I change my perspective to be an optimistic person. That is why I blog, I want this website to be the source of positive energy to me and to you, my dear readers. So thank you for following my blog all this time.  2012 brought me happiness through  a lot of ways. Cosplay helped me improve my self confidence. Belle de Jour events taught me more about optimism and living life to the fullest. I also began to be active in this blog through various blogger meet ups.  My top three highlights of 2012 are (in no particular order): - my first anniversary in cosplay - seeing Lee Min Ho in person - knowing a person who would be my inspiration for the rest of my life In each and every moment, I gained friends who share the same interests and passion. To various  fandoms: Cassiopeia Philippines , Minoz Philippines , Hunger Games Philippines , and Cloud

It's 'Rain'-ing in My Heart

How did I spent my holidays? I went out with my family , gave, and received gifts. Little that I know, that God would also give me another gift this season. For the year 2012, I was not my usual determined self. The bitterness I have experienced in this life... the pain, the injustices, all the bad things... made me numb. I didn't react to life. I just let it happen. I felt nothing. In other words, I gave up.  However, despite all that, I still believe in my dream deep in my heart. It didn't disappear. I didn't know what to do but... God still believes in me. He gave me inspiration and motivation through a person named Rain.  I didn't expect it. I was just watching videos in YouTube when I came across Rain's performance during the 2008 Mnet KM Music Awards. His stage presence blew me away! I never thought that I can see an overwhelming performance other than Michael Jackson, the person who I also look up to . See his performance below:  After that, I could

[Review] Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX

The first product that I tried from my Sample Room haul is the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX. I have read the reviews about it and how it is the "steady stellar and bestseller around the world " as tagged in the website.  Sample Room offered the sample size of 20mL for this product and it costs 60 points. As curious as I am about this, I ordered one and used it right away.  Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX 20 mL sample pot. The appearance of this product is a blue colored gel-cream (the consistency is different and I don't know what it is called precisely). Surprisingly, it is not sticky even though it is gel. For the smell, it is a concoction of various essential oils, patented by Laneige as Sleepscent . Because of that, it helps improve sleep as well. Aromatherapy at work, I get it. The gel/cream hybrid of a product. Since I am new to sleeping packs, I didn't know how to use it. The sample didn't have instructions as well.  So I researched online

Spending Christmas 2012

This Christmas season has been busy for me. Though we took vacation from work, I go out almost everyday. One reason is to buy gifts. The other is family bonding. Yesterday was December 25, Christmas day! I spent time going out with my family and attending Church.  First stop: lunch at Lugang Cafe. This restaurant serves Taiwanese food. My family enjoyed their bestseller Pork Xiao Long Bao. I found it hard and complicated to eat, as you have to be careful not to rupture the skin. However, being me, I took one piece and never cared if it got ruined. I love eating to be careful! Lunch at Lugang Cafe, me and my cousin eating the Xiao Long Bao. Photo by karadeniese Next, we attended the Holy Mass at the nearest Church. Celebrating Jesus' birth is the main reason for Christmas. The church was overflowing with people! I found it a wonderful sign that the Filipino people still hasn't forgotten the value of Christmas. Sorry, but we didn't take photos at the church. For d

[Review] Eternity Acqua by Calvin Klein

This is the first time that I would be reviewing a fragrance. Here is Eternity Acqua by Calvin Klein. I got this from the October BDJ Box and it came in a sample size of 1.2 mL.  As this only came in a sample size, I can't give you my point of view with regards to its packaging. All I can share with you is its scent.    As I write this, I realize how hard it is to review this sample. How do I describe the smell and interpret it in words? Here is the official statement from the October BDJ Box: Crafted for the stylish and sophisticated woman, this modern scent is inspired by the ocean breeze.  Eternity Acqua Sample from the October BDJ Box. Here is the inside of the mini brochure: More about Eternity Acqua. The 1.2 mL sample bottle.  True to its claim, the scent really reminds me of the fresh cool sea breeze: little saltiness, leafy smell, and gentleness of water. The soft floral notes only becomes apparent when you smell it longer. The smell is gentle and not s

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of you! I always wish for happiness and peace of mind. That is what I wish for all of you, as well. May you also feel God's blessing in every moment of your life.  In this season, no matter how tough life brought me through the year, the festivities and the reminder of Jesus' Nativity gives me hope that the following years ahead will be better. The Nativity Scene. Photo taken from the internet. :) Here is a beautiful song for all of you. This is entitled "Christmas Snowing" by Yell Owe Jam .  Though I have never seen snow my whole life, this song is sweet and makes me feel the snow of Christmas.  Merry Christmas, Everyone! 

My Samples from Sample Room

Guess what arrived in the mail! It's the samples that I ordered from Sample Room! Yay! I got excited upon opening the package even if I already knew what was inside.  Front part of the package. Back part of the package. The concept of Sample Room is that you will get samples for free with the use of points.  You will  have 100 points upon signing up.  However, you need to write product reviews in their website in order for you to regain the points back. In turn, you can re-order new samples and that is how the ball rolls.  What's more, these samples are for free! However, you need to pay for the shipping fee.  I signed up for Sample Room just this month. I missed a lot of samples at first. Stocks there go out fast. Fortunately, I was in perfect timing last Wednesday to see all samples restocked! There were new luxe samples too!   These are the stuff I bought using the Sample Room points: Are you ready for the items? This Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Ex (20mL

Living Life to The Fullest

Today, Dec. 21, 2012, is the much-hyped end of the world rumor. It is a rumor. The fact remains: Dec. 21, 2012 is the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, not necessarily the end of time as we know it. Days before this, I was thinking of what-ifs. The end of the world would come unexpectedly at any time. Have I lived my life to the fullest?  With that, I introduce you to the planner that has changed my life: The Belle de Jour Power Planner . How did I come to know this great blessing? It is a long story but here is a short version of it... I have always been an anime and cosplay fan since childhood. Back in 2011, I attended the event Animax K-On Cosplay Outing . The cosplayers there had a short photo op in The White Hat restaurant. So eventually, I liked The White Hat fan page in Facebook and  I got updates about the giveaways. One time, a renowned blogger Kumiko Mae posted that she would be giving away a 2011 Belle de Jour Power Planner.  At first, I thought that Belle de Jou

[Review] Frubbas Fruit Chips

Snacking has always been my addiction. Some snacks are good; most are bad. The bottomline is, I eat anything that tastes great! So for now, I will share with you a product that I got from my visit to the World Bazaar Festival this year . It is a snack for the health conscious. I'm glad that it is delicious, too. Introducing Frubbas Fruit Chips! According to the salesgirl, this product is still being released to the Philippine Market. Being a rare find for now, I am happy that I was able to buy at the bazaar. A foil pack costs Php38, while a box (consisting of 10 packs) costs PhP360. Frubbas Stall at the World Bazaar Festival. Stall # 240 Frubbas Fruit Chips is available in three flavors: Grapes, Strawberry, and Apple. This snack is made of dried fruits. It is different from the soft and elastic variants you see in the market. This one is crispy. Well, I guess there are a lot of ways to dry and preserve a fruit. But I like this crispy one better. I bought each available var

Comfort Your Feet with Caribbean Footwear

Still looking for gifts this season? I have a suggestion for you. Take a look at Caribbean Footwear .  The price starts at PhP180 so you can buy a lot without compromising design and quality. Your family members will surely love this!  In fact, I already got mine on my last visit to the 2012 World Bazaar Festival . I love the glitters on the strap and the abstract design on the foot pad. This only cost PhP250.  Love the glitters on this Caribbean Flip Flops. My aunt and cousin also had their flip flops. They chose a metallic design with a unique heel. I wanted to have this as well. However, stocks were running out and they didn't have one at my size.  Silver Metallic Flip Flops from Caribbean. Price: PhP250 My cousin chose this gold metallic flip flops. Price: PhP250. My experience with my pair of flip flops so far? I am extremely satisfied at it. With every step, I could feel the high quality and durable materials of the product. My feet feels only rubber

[Review] Yves Rocher Pure System Stop Blemish Lotion

The second product from the October BDJ Box that I will review is a moisturizer from Yves Rocher . It is from the Pure System range and is aptly called Stop Blemish Lotion 4 in 1. This is also the first time that I used a product from Yves Rocher. With that, I was very curious as to how it would react to my skin.  Here is the official statement as written in the BDJ Box card: *YVES ROCHER PURE SYSTEM STOP BLEMISH LOTION, 4 IN 1, 15ML Helps skin against blemish and residual marks with organic Aloe-Vera and anti-bacterial Salicylic Acid. Yves Rocher Stop Blemish Lotion 15mL Sample from the October BDJ Box. I assumed that this product is a facial moisturizer, even though it is officially termed as ' lotion ' as per label. The content is a viscous light greenish-white cream. Everytime I use it, I smell the strong scent of fresh leaves that hints of aloe vera. No wonder, upon looking at the ingredients list, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice is fourth. This means that there

Fab Finds at the World Bazaar Festival 2012

Have you done your Christmas shopping already? If not, there are a lot of options to choose from. There is Divisoria if you really want to get value for your money. However, you need to be courageous enough to brave the overwhelming crowd there. Streets full of people, the sun's heat, and the never ending stalls of goods will break you. If you find Divisoria a hassle, you can go to various bazaars, instead. Prices there are a little too high compared to Divisoria but you won't be in a place of discomfort.  Last weekend, my family and I checked out what's in store at the World Bazaar Festival in World Trade Center. The venue is air-conditioned and has good lighting. You need to purchase a ticket worth PhP50 to enter. There is still a crowd but it is small in comparison to the kind you will see in Divisoria.    Of course, prices vary from cheap to expensive. The stage in World Bazaar Festival. Booths selling Christmas decorations greet you the moment you enter the mai