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Can't Wait for 2012 with My BDJ Power Planner

The year 2012 has gotten a lot of media hype due to a movie. Hmmm.... Some of my friends are actually afraid of the upcoming year due to 'end of the world' rumors. It's just sad that they think that way. But on the brighter side, the thought of 'end of the world' makes us takes risks and explore the world more. Hey, if it will really be the end as we know it, then it's an opportune time to live life to the fullest! 

Even if some of my friends fear 2012, here I am getting excited for its coming! I will finally have the chance to use my 2012 Belle de Jour Power Planner! Yay! It is very special to me because I worked hard to earn it. I also joined the 5 Reasons promo and attended the 2011 Belle de Jour Fair to get my copy. So you can imagine how I can't wait to finally write something on it! 

The BDJ Power Planner comes with a Lifestyle card that grants exclusive discounts to establishments. Plus, it is your ticket to BDJ events!

This is a new part of the planner and I personally love it. The "Letter to Self" page is exactly what I need to bring myself up when the world brings me down.

Oh oh oh! It comes with discount coupons for a girl's retail therapy :)

In my line of work, it is very important to set goals. It gives us direction in life. The 2012 Goals page does more than that by organizing goals into personal, financial, lifestyle, career, and much more.

 Every start of the month, a page is dedicated for very important reminders:

You can schedule daily tasks on an hourly basis. It makes time management more effective.

Awww.. In the midst of a busy workplace, BDJ understands that we should not forget the important things in life. They put short inspirational quotes every week. :)

The page on every start of the month is one of my favorite parts too! (hmmm... it seems that I love every BDJ page! ^_^) It gives tips about relationships, career, and lifestyle. For the month of February, the page says "Show Off Your Saccharine Side".

"Move with Momentum"... I like that! <3

With all these features, the end-of-the-world rumors are just a thing of the past. I am more than ready to take on another year. I love my life! 

I would personally recommend Belle de Jour Power Planner to you. It has changed and empowered me as a person this 2011 (I just started using BDJ this year). If you are interested to know more, visit and


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