Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cosplay TORCH 2011

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The Cosplay Tournament of Champions (TORCH) held its Manila leg of contests in SM North EDSA last August 27, 2011. After work that day, I immediately rushed to the venue for some cosplay action. Having arrived late, I was not able to follow the program on stage. But hey! I was still able to take photos of the cosplayers.  Celebrity cosplayer Chienna Filomeno graced the event in casual clothes. 

Yay! I was very happy to be able to have a photo with Chienna Filomeno. :)
My favorite cosplayer of the day is this girl as Wonder Woman. She perfectly embodied her character's tough and sexy personality. 
The winners of Cosplay TORCH will compete in the upcoming Cosplay Mania 2011 on October 1-2 in SMX Convention Center. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Festive Teriyaki Boy Matsuri

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Teriyaki Boy's 10th anniversary was celebrated with a whole lot of Japanese pop culture. The theme was Matsuri, which means 'festival'. August 14, 2011 was the grand day! There were lots of games, booths, and trivia. Eastwood Central Plaza was the venue and truth be told, it was nice to have a place with lots of green trees and gray cobblestones as the background. As usual, I went to the event to see cosplayers! (^_^) Yay! 

The place
Games were held all throughout the event. There were Iku Iku Sushi Making Contest, Maki Eating Contest, Whatta Hair Coloring Contest, Japan Pop Culture Trivia Contest, and many more. Other than that, prizes were also given away in the raffle draw. Unfortunately, yours truly didn't win. :((

The Iku Iku Sushi Making Contest
The Japanese Pop Culture Trivia Contest
Some raffle draw winners. Sob! I wanted the Poring Dolls. :((
with a Sizzling Pepper Steak mascot *cute*

My favorite booths were the Coca-Cola Booth which allowed me to play Naruto on Wii. Yay! And of course, I love Photobooths! Baicapture gave them out for free. (^_^)
The Coca-Cola Wii Booth
Free photos from Baicapture
Before the official cosplay parade started, I took some photos of the cosplayers with the Eastwood Central Plaza background:

We were also entertained with Japanese Pop and Anime Songs by the Himitsu Heiki Band and PPF All Stars:
Himitsu Heiki Band singing the Opening Theme of Magic Knight RayEarth

PPF All Stars
These girls danced to Mr. Taxi by SNSD:
Then, finally! The cosplay started on stage. I took these photos as the cosplayers did a short performance on stage. 

My favorite cosplayer of the day is this girl playing Hatsune Miku. Her costume was complete and full of detail. Furthermore, she was able to embody Miku's cute and bubbly personality.  (^_^)

I wasn't able to finish the whole Cosplay line-up as my camera ran out of battery. *Sob* T_T But it's ok. I enjoyed the day and I came home supersaturated with Japanese culture, thanks to Teriyaki Boy. :)) Happy 10th Anniversary! 

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