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~~This entry was from my Facebook Notes. I just found out that I didn't post it here in my blog. This was a special day for me because I saw Alodia Gosiengfiao in person. The event was the Animax K-On Cosplay Outing from about a year ago. Exact date is March 16, 2010. It has remained unedited~~

After work earlier this day, I rushed to TriNoma for an afternoon of anime. :) Cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao informed everybody through Facebook of the said event. Animax sponsored this event as a promotion to the newest series K-On! that will be aired on March 16. And as an anime fan, I just had the urge to go. 

I waited by the Garden near the cinemas where the event was supposed to start. A crowd was already gathering by the place. 

There were cosplayers over there. One sure thing that I have noticed is that they were very conspicuous. Blond wigs, pink wigs, gothic outfit... wow! Some people who didn't know of the event said, "Why do they dress up like Lady Gaga?" Hahaha! So for sure, I would recognize the cosplayers that will play the four K-On! characters. 

There were photographers there too, and I felt a little awkward when I saw their high-tech cameras. I only had a simple 6.0 megapixel digicam that I borrowed from Tita Dixie. But I am very thankful about it. :)

Sure enough, my head turned when I saw four tall girls in school girl costumes wearing colorful wigs. The first one that I saw was the tallest girl with a blond wig, Janeena Chan who played Ritsu, and beside her were three Chinese girls. The next one that caught my eye was the other girl in a long blond wig, she was Bea Araneta and she cosplayed Mugi. Then, I recognized the taller Ashley Gosiengfiao as Mio... on her right side was her sister Alodia Gosiengfiao who played Yui.
So, I grabbed my camera and snapped all the way. The crowd was gathering and I could see all kinds of cameras... digicams, camera phones, anything. And I felt comfortable with my camera then. :)

Alodia posed for me. :) So Yeah... *snap*snap*snap*... I didn't care if they were posing against the sun or whether I was taking good angle. Woah! The crowd were pushing against me and some were stepping on my feet. :(( But all that changed when Alodia moved to the side, and a kid pushed her way on me and I gave way. The kid called on Alodia, "Ate!", and she looked and posed. Then I called her too, "Alodia". She looked at me, and posed too. :) 
It was worth it. There was a time when I couldn't get into the crowd to take pictures, I had a chance to talk to Alodia and Ashley's mother. She was in an orange blouse and she was very warm. I could see where Ashley and Alodia got their beautiful features. She explained to me about the event. And that she never expected for it to be this successful... or crowded. Hehehe.... Too bad I hadn't had the chance to pose for a picture with her. :((

I followed the cosplyers everywhere and I snapped all the way. I took pictures until 4 PM. I was so tired and hungry. And I was getting bored taking pictures. So I went home at that same hour. 

And now that I am uploading my photos here in Facebook, I have noticed how I messed up. Hahaha! Most of my pictures had red eyes that needed editing, or how I noticed that the lightning was poor, or about how blurred some pictures are. Hahahaha! But at least, I got good ones. :) And I also realized one disadvantage of being a photographer: you are never on the pictures. Hahahaha!

I'm very happy that I went to this event. This is my first time and I really enjoyed it. The truth is, I just went there without even knowing what this K-On! anime is about. Hahaha! 


Marz said…
I bet it was a fun experience trying to get a good shot of her. The ones you posted were pretty good.

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