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Trip to Camarines Sur

~ Camarines Sur! Yay! Our family went to this place last March 21-25, 2011. Yeah I know that this blog is very late. It’s not my fault if inspiration just hit me this week, right? :)Enjoy reading guys!~ The good news came from my sister Katkat. She sent me a text message one boring day that she got qualified for a Mathematics training sponsored by the Mathematics Trainers’ Guild Philippines. Katkat happily told me that the event will be held in Naga City, CamSur. I was very happy for her. Little that I know that I would tag along in the trip too. Yay! Excitement was alredy fluttering inside my heart as we boarded the airplane going to Naga City. It has been a long time since I traveled to a new destination. During the course of the flight, I only had wakeboarding in my mind. Pardon me, but that is the only thing I thought Camarines Sur could offer, along with the view of the Mayon Volcano of course. But I stand corrected now as my experience brought more than that. :) Woah! Naga Ai

The Cosplayer

Animé enthusiasm is more than watching Japanese animation. It may start with that but the interest eventually evolves into reading manga (or Japanese comics), collecting toys or action figures, playing video games, drawing, costume playing, and lastly, getting into photography. The end result of this kind of passion is being into Japanese culture itself. Fans of this movement are called “otaku” which means “nerd” in Nihongo. I would like to focus on one aspect of being an animé fan: the costume playing (cosplay) facet. It is defined as dressing up as a popular character, may it be from animé, manga, movies, or even celebrities (do I hear Lady Gaga?). Cosplay has been widely adopted as a hobby by many fans. There is no greater joy than donning in your favorite character. However, it is more than just costumes, the cosplayer should also “wear” the personality of the character they chose. Here in the Philippines, cosplay has earned a footing over the years. As more and more get interes

After Almost Two Years

Yehey! A blog entry after two years! This is just a simple blog. I didn't intentionally quit, it's just that I focused more on writing book and movie reviews in my multiply site ( ). I just saw a post in Facebook by the Belle de Jour (BDJ) Power Planner. They will be organizing a seminar about blogging sponsored by Bayo. Suddenly, I realized that I have not updated my blog for so long. Maybe loss of inspiration or something to write about halted my writing. But because of this BDJ event, I am inspired once again. :) I will definitely join this gathering to meet my fellow bloggers and fashionistas. :)