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I am a Chemist Thanks to Bob Ong

“Yehey! No Calculus!”, that was my reaction when I read the BS Chemistry prospectus when I was 16 years old. My college days were just beginning but I fear that Math was going to ruin it. Math17 Algebra Math25A Trigonometry Math36 Statistics Those were some of the Math subjects that I would be taking. Along with… Math51 Analysis I Math52 Analysis II Math53 Analysis III “Huh? What are those?”, I asked. I thought it was some new subjects for college. I never expected anything from it. So, without any second thoughts, I enrolled myself in BS Chemistry. However, I kept on wondering what the Analysis subjects represent. Then, I met Ate Patti who answered my question. “Analysis? Oh! That’s CALCULUS!”, she said as she gave out a heavy sigh. (T_T) “Oh no!”, I replied, having regretted that I asked. My hopeful and happy visions of college were suddenly enveloped in a dark cloud of pain and despair. I continued with my rants, “Why didn’t they just put Calculus there instead of maskin

My Thanks

Chemist Board Exam Blog Series Part Eleven My Thanks “You’re one of the top performing schools!.” That’s what our friend Jurgen said as the USC students jumped for joy and excitement. It never occurred to us that we would pass the exams, let alone be the second top performing school! All of us were so thankful to God and this brought us to greater faith in our prayers. Prayer works! I was still in cloud nine on the day of our departure from Manila. Well, all of us were. Jurgen, Jeb, Marvin, Gleenece, Erwin, Jason, Warner, Jerome, Josephus, and I were busy taking pictures of ourselves in NAIA terminal 3. We were so proud of ourselves and of our school! “Hey, my sister went back to all the churches that were part of her pilgrimage when she passed the Physician’s Board Exam.”, Marvin said. “Oh that’s great! Then, let’s do that, too!”, Gleenece replied with excitement. I wanted to go with them, but I visited a different set of churches. So, I de