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Ateneo vs. La Salle: One Big Victorious Fight!

The Araneta Coliseum was flooded with colors of blue and green for the finals of UAAP Season 71. The second game, which was held yesterday Sept. 25, 2008, was a choice to either end the fight or continue to the third. The answer was up to the determination of the two teams: The Ateneo Blue Eagles and The De La Salle Green Arachers. The team that desires the championship more always wins. The fight was tight and intense with the Green Archers drawing first blood in the first quarter. But the Eagles were able to catch up. They dominated the scores of the first half. The third quarter marked the start of the real game. And by the fourth quarter, the Eagles grabbed the championship. Woohoo! My crush Chris Tiu was so good at the game. He performed well as the Eagles' team captain. Congratulations to all Ateneans!

No Questions

Chemist Board Exam Blog Series Part 3 No Questions Bro. Apolonio then lent me his small book so that I could photocopy a few prayers from it. Then, he asked me to buy a Holy Rosary Handbook as a guide. All of these were weird, but I pursued it. The following day, even if I had all the needed requirements, I still had conflicts with myself whether I should pray or not. Furthermore, I hate routines. And formula prayers are only meaningful at the first read. When I come to memorize it, I come short to parroting. So, why pray? But then, I had an answer deep within soul. I have always known that God does not force us to come and pray to Him. Rather, He invites us to it. As for the formula prayers, it was up to me to add spice in them. I prayed with my own original compositions and added songs in them. After that, I was at peace with myself. Surprisingly, I ended up going to the Blessed Sacrament and Holy Mass everyday. It was a good thing that Masses in Sto. Rosario Church

Bro. Apolonio

Chemist Board Exam Blog Series Part 2 Bro. Apolonio Sto. Rosario Church became a part of my routine before going to school. Until one day, when I was taking off my shoes prior to entering the Adoration Chapel, an old man with white hair and big spectacles handed me my locker number. While doing so, he asked: “Are you reviewing for the board exam?” My initial reaction was: “Woah! How did he know that?” But I kept myself calm and answered, “Yes… for Chemistry.” “Oh. When is it?”, he asked again. “It will be on September.” “It’s near. Okay. I’ll include you in my prayers.” After that, I entered the chapel and prayed with a weird feeling in my heart. Of course, I wondered who that person was and how he found out about me taking the board exam. But anyway, I thanked God for that man and his prayers. All the while, I thought that our conversation would end that way. When I came out of the chapel, I directly made my way out to the hallway.

The Sto. Rosario Parish Church

Chemist Board Exam Blog Series Part 1 The Sto. Rosario Parish Church Passing the Chemist Licensure Examination was a farfetched idea for me. My scores in review classes are low and my friends were doing better. As I compared myself with my classmates, I have found out that they have a specific time table to study every subject. Some even stay late at night and others study up to five in the morning. I lost meaning in my studies. My passion for science was depleted when I did nothing but study in college. I didn’t have time to go to the movies or go on a vacation. All I did was to get lost in my Chemistry books even on weekends. So when graduation came, I felt like a monkey who just escaped from the zoo. Hoo hoo hoo haa haa haa! All I did was to go to the mall, chat, play more games, and drink coffee and eat cakes at Starbucks®! Even if I know that I need to study for the exam, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. It is hard to do something that you d