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[Book Review] Dear You by Vea Mari Villasol Canare ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Happy New Year, dearies! How was your new year’s celebration?  Today, I will feature a new book I got from author Vea Mari Villasol Canare (Missterious Dreamer) . I initially wanted to go to MIBF last September 2022 to join in the events where this book was featured. However, at that time I was swamped with commitments and missed the events. But no worries, I’m very grateful that the author sent me a copy of this book. It’s like I didn’t miss MIBF at all. The Special Gift Set of the book came with a tote bag, notepads, stickers, and a bookmark!. I love them! 😍 Dear You, book by Author Vea Mari Villasol Canare Dear You is a self-help book by Vea. Her first book was Glimmer of Light . Click on the link to read more about it with a short author interview. Following Glimmer of Light, Dear You takes on the theme of encouragement and positivity.  I like the book because it gave me advice on life matters. My favorite is the “You are capable” section as it resonated with me in my line of wo
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Glimmer of Light by Vea Mari Villasol Canare [Review and Author Interview]

  Heya, Dearies! It's time for another book review! Special thanks to the author, Missterious Dreamer / Vea Mari Villasol Canare , for giving me this book.  When the package arrived, I was blown away! The contents were so wonderful and in my aesthetic color pink. There were stickers, a tote bag, and bookmarks. I fell in love with it right away.  Glimmer of Light package included stickers and a tote bag! Yay! Glimmer of Light is a memoir of the author and it is full of encouraging real-life stories.  The cover is awesome! It features a pinkish sunset with a tree in the foreground. I admired the cover so much that one look at it evoked a feeling of positivity in my heart.  Glimmer of Light by Vea Mari Villasol Canare Reading the book gave me hope. Even if I am working and not in school anymore, it reminded me of how our experiences are the same throughout life. The challenges we have may be different but in the end, they teach us the same lessons.  My favorite page in the book is on

Elf of the Eternal Glades [An Excerpt]

Have you read Merman of the Undersea ? Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback I have received from it. 😍🧜‍♂️🙌 I am full of gratitude for all the support and I am very much encouraged to continue on with the series. Yep, that's right! The Ealirenm Series will have a Part Two! This is about a new world in the land of Ealirenm. This time, our protagonist is the High Elf, Kailah.  Elf of the Eternal Glades  [ISBN 978-621-96573-2-7 (epub); 978-621-96573-3-4 (mobi/Kindle)] Elf of the Eternal Glades eBook cover Here is the blurb: Kailah is one of the Elven Hosts’ best scouts. Excellent and gifted in every hunt and search mission. But she has one secret: a prohibited relationship with her race’s sworn enemy. Beholden to an ancient curse, they are forbidden from ever touching each other. Until she finds a shapeshifter, who gives her a way to make it work. What would she be willing to give to be with her true love? Would she betray her people for this chance?  Get to know her more i

Merman of the Undersea (The Ealirenm Series, #1) Out Now!

  And it’s now out into the world!  Thank you, thank you, thank you, dearies!🧜‍♂️❤🌊🤩 It has been a great journey with Maoui. I hope you would enjoy reading his story in the Undersea. Read the excerpt here . Order your copy now! Special discounted price of PhP 89 (regular price PhP99) is only until today (August 28, 2021 PH Time). And it will still be eligible for a raffle draw for a free tarot card reading by The Tita Tarot . Yay! → Blurb: Merpeople aren’t supposed to go to the surface. Maoui made sure to follow the rules and bend them as needed, but the waning magic and the crisis in the Undersea led him to ponder breaking the most sacred law to save his own kind. When the arrival of a skiff got him to meet a mysterious shapeshifter who convinced him for a deal, he took the risk.   Merman of the Undersea (ISBN 978-621-8272-00-2) *Note: You need an e-book reader app to install on your mobile device (Ebook Reader, Aldiko, etc.) for you to be able

Merman of the Undersea [An Excerpt]

Hi dearies, I'm back! Though I am not quite active in blogging that much, I still write a lot. Creativity and writing is always there. It just transformed into a different platform.  Let me take this opportunity to share with you my upcoming story. This is a novella, a part of a series in  one Fantasy world. For now, it will be released as an eBook. And depending on the reception and the success of the whole series, I might release a physical copy as a compilation (*crosses fingers*).  Presenting, Merman of the Undersea (ISBN  978-621-8272-00-2 ): Merman of the Undersea eBook Cover I invite you to pre-order it. And to convince you, here is an excerpt: ***      A shadow of a skiff passed by the sea, obscuring the illumination of the moon in its depths. Silence filled the expanse, except for the soft paddles of the person on board. The merman wondered how the boat got past the guard, the leviathan that their Kingdom calls The Kraken . It was trained to allow only Merpeople into this

The 2021 Starbucks Planner

Three months into 2021! How are you doing, Dearies? I hope life is treating you well and kind. And even if it doesn't, take heart! We will persevere. Look at me! I've gotten so lost that I have pushed back this feature for a while. Maybe it's lack of inspiration? Time? Or maybe... I just got caught up with life. I'm sharing with you today my work planner. You have seen my personal/hobbies planner, which is the BDJ Power Planner . That one is a beauty, too! For career, I separate the lot and leave this one in the office. Here it is, guys! Of course you would know from the title, the 2021 Starbucks Planner! The 2021 Starbucks PH Planner in Youthberry From the selection, I chose this Youthberry version with the siren tail. Why? Hmmm... maybe because I need inspiration in writing my mermaid novel. And what more perfect way to remind me than to see it everyday at work. And the second reason being, that yellow is the Pantone color of the year! What sweet timing! Every year,

The Tita's Lifestyle Curated Box

Hi Dearies! Time for a feature! I'd like to share with you my first blogger mail for this year. It was such an honor to collaborate with Tita's Lifestyle . If you click on the hyperlink, you'll get to their website.  It contains tips on how to navigate life, like trends and lifestyles. I find it heartwarming that they also give advice on how to be a better you. Their business truly comes with a heart.  And of course, they have a shop that caters to our Tita needs. Take a look at their curated box. The contents are awesome! What's inside the Tita's Lifestyle Box? Did you miss my unboxing video in my Instagram ? Don't fret! You can watch it on this link . See the full unboxing in my Instagram account! Yay! And you know me, I just had to make reviews!  I love coffee and you can read about their Drip Coffee here: And what I think of their incredible essential oils here: http://www.myangelma